In France, the big price drop, the maximum environmental bonus is finally back

Tesla has heavily discounted the price of its two flagship electric cars, the Model 3 and Model Y, in France. The price, including the eco bonus, drops to more than 10,000 euros for the Model 3 and almost as much for the Model Y.

2023 will be tough for Tesla with increasingly fierce competition. But that was without counting the spectacular price drop that took place last night in Europe and for that matter in France.

Teslas starting at €37,990

Previously priced at €53,990, the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion is now priced at €44,990. The price comes down with a 5,000 euro environmental bonus €39,990. Or even 37,990 euros for households benefiting from a maximum bonus of 7,000 euros.

The drop from €49,990 to €46,990 is a bit more dramatic for the Model Y Propulsion. But with this “small” drop of €3,000, Tesla was able to bring the family SUV under the environmental bonus ceiling of €5,000 or €7,000 depending on the situation (€47,000). It allows final price 41,990 euros, even 39,990 euros with maximum bonus.

Tesla Model Y Propulsion with induction discs in black

Finally, a little patterning by Tesla: if previously only white color was standard, now the customer choice between white and black at no extra charge. It will only (or rather mostly) avoid passing the Tesla Model Y Propulsion as it currently stands.

But beware, the smallest option (white interior, wheels or towbar) will take the Tesla Model Y over €47,000, robbing it of any environmental bonus.

Why this price drop?

This unusual price drop inevitably raises many questions. Recent price corrections around the world, especially in China, have raised fears of a demand problem for Tesla. The Chinese branch recently denied the rumours. Now it is the European division’s turn to make the same statement.

Indeed, Elon Musk’s firm announces that “ state-of-the-art engineering and scaled manufacturing processes have allowed us to go even further in our ability to produce the best products in the world. best cost » before adding « We are now making Model 3 and Model Y even more available in Europe as our domestic production of vehicles continues to grow and create new economies of scale globally.”

Tesla Model Y Propulsion Made in Berlin?

Does this mean that Tesla Model Propulsion is now manufactured at the Gigafactory in Berlin? Considering the production capacities compared to the Shanghai factory, this is unlikely. So this argument is a bit odd, since most Model Ys and all Model 3s sold in Europe are imported from China. In fact, it is not locally produced.

Tesla_Giga Berlin1
Tesla Giga Berlin

“Tesla defends itself, but notes that the past years were more difficult due to problems.” from semiconductor shortages to the energy crisis, including logistical constraints and various disruptions related to COVID » then allows you to observe « the stabilization of certain cost inflation gives us enough confidence to be able to pass this on to our customers“.

The same argument was made by Tesla’s China division a few days ago for the drop in Asian prices.

There is no doubt that with this pricing policy, Tesla will be able to change the test in 2023, and will be able to place the Tesla Model Y on the podium of the best-selling cars in the world. It may even take the top spot held by Toyota in 2021 with the RAV4 and Corolla selling just over a million. The first estimates for 2022 put Toyota as the leader in the car market. Model Y and Model 3 in the top 5.

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