Dominique Crenn opens his first restaurant in France. Find out where!

Dominique Crenn is the only woman in the US with three stars for her restaurant Atelier Crenn in San Francisco. Check out his biography.

Lovers of good cuisine, you will definitely plan to stay in the near future Paris In the spring of 2023. Dominic CraneA three-star chef based in San Francisco will open it The first restaurant in France. It will be installed in the future hotel fantasyin the 9th district of the capital.

The table is called Golden poppy, will be in harmony with the hotel, equipped with a large garden on the ground and presenting a concept centered around plants. The chef will follow the same philosophy as in his restaurant Crenn workshop San Francisco, that is, a cuisine based on local and sustainable products, zero plastic and zero waste trend. On the plate, Dominique Crenn promises a return to “his early years in France”, but also “his love for California, which conveys the values ​​of open sharing, reactivating the connection between the table and nature”. The exact opening date is yet to be determined, but we will of course keep you posted.

Biography of Dominic Crane

He was born in Versailles to Breton parents. He grew up in Yvelines and Hauts-de-Seine. He is a culinary superstar who inspires his peers with his rock style, triskelion tattoo on his arm, short hair and unique gastronomy. However, Dominique Crenn is little known in France. This paradox is explained by his life and place of work: the USA. You have to travel a certain number of kilometers to enjoy his creations, but his journey is worth knowing.

Dominique was born on August 10, 1965 in Versailles. When he was 18 months old, he was adopted by Allain Crenn and Louise Crenn. The couple, of Breton descent, are very sensitive to good food. When he is not enjoying Finistere’s specialties on holidays, he dreams of cooking and photography. At the age of 9, he discovers his first starred restaurantChez Crouzil, Plancoët. Remarkable experience.

In a few years, he thinks about his future. “I wanted to do hotel school, but I was discouraged,” he recalls. After graduating from the Faculty of Economics in 1988, he went to the city of San Francisco, which he especially loved. “The first thing I did was find out who the best cook was.” He introduces himself Jeremiah Castle, restaurant manager starsand the identity of American gastronomy.

He offered her to work as a clerk for three years. “I started cooking myself. I had no culinary education.” Ten years later, he tries an even crazier experiment and drops off his suitcases in Jakarta, Indonesia.

She becomes the country’s first female chef. “It was an experience that really affected me because there was an all-female brigade in a country where women were not given much power,” she told Le Parisien. A year later, the geopolitical situation prompts him to return to the United States. He has been working in a restaurant near Los Angeles for several years. He is chosen “chef of the year” By Esquire magazine in 2008, then in 2011 he felt ready to take a new step: opening his first restaurant.

This “artist whose composition will be the brush” pays homage to the artistic vein of his family by christening Atelier Crenn. With cuisine as its only means of expression, it offers contemporary dishes that are admired by locals. Quickly, the restaurant acquires one star, then the second.

After a few years, Dominique Crenn raises the prices several times, then opens another restaurant called Petit Crenn. He buys a Augie Awardand is selected “World’s Best Female Chef” in 2016. She takes the opportunity to point out that she thinks it’s pretty stupid to discriminate between the sexes in her profession. She fights to “not define people based on their sex or gender.” A person who starts to promote himself in the media, who does not hesitate to stand out on Twitter or Instagram, remains very discreet about his personal life. Is she in a relationship? Is he married? It is impossible to know.

Dominic Crane © FS2/WENN.COM/SIPA

His career is also marked by several stints on the small screen. In 2015, he appeared on the jury of the show best cook On the M6 ​​where the French public can finally discover it. He is also the subject of an episode of the series “Chef’s Table”, on Netflix. As she celebrates her 50th birthday, she is working on a line of kitchenware, a cookware series, as well as her first cookbook. “The Metamorphosis of Taste”.

Consecration came in 2018, when Atelier Crenn was demolished Three stars in the Michelin Guide. It is the first time a woman has won this award in the United States. His third restaurant, Bar Crenn, also earns a star. He told Agence France Presse: “It’s a great recognition above all for my team and for what we’ve done over the years. I may be the creator, but they’re the ones. The ones who work every night.”

Where are Dominique Crenn’s restaurants?

Crenn workshop Located steps away from San Francisco Bay. Behind a discreet facade, the chef offers a comfortable and luxurious experience. Paintings of his father Alaine hang on the wall. Each guest is greeted with a poem, each line symbolizing the presentation at the meal. For the Michelin Guide, this restaurant and its menu demonstrate “an extraordinary blend of elegance, craftsmanship, craftsmanship and taste”.

Little Crenn He was born in 2015, a few “miles” away from his older brother. Her goal: to rediscover Brittany’s tastes. Salted butter, pancakes, fresh vegetables and fish in a shell led to the reputation of this establishment, which pays homage to the chef’s mother and grandmother.

The youngest to debut in San Francisco in 2018: Bar Crenn. This wine bar is already a winner One star in the 2019 edition of the Michelin Guide, offering the classics of French gastronomy with Crenn sauce. Twenty-six settings, a selection of French and American biodynamic wines, 1930s-inspired decor… that’s the recipe for success. Another feature is that it offers 35 dishes by great French chefs Alain Ducasse and Guy Savoydepending on the season and the arrival of products.

“If Atelier Crenn is a home and Petit Crenn is a garden, then Bar Crenn is a living room. Atelier Crenn is my dreams, my poetry and my vision of the world. Petit Crenn is my appreciation of Breton culture, seafood and food from my childhood. Bar Crenn is my appreciation of French gastronomy,” Dominique Crenn summarizes at France-Amérique.

In the spring of 2023 Dominique Crane will open his first restaurant in France. was baptized Golden poppyIt will be located in the La Fantaisie hotel in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.

“You eat poems in my restaurant.” The one who did not know how to paint chose to cook as a means of expression. “Life is a poem, cooking and feeding people is an act of vulnerability,” she adds. Its modern and highly creative approach has succeeded in attracting innovation-hungry California customers.

In his establishments, Dominique Crenn offers haiku-style menus and dishes similar to naturalistic miniatures. He skillfully blends his sensibility and know-how to create classics “à la Dominica”. And he does not forget his values. “I always say that you have to think before you cook. As a chef, today you have a great responsibility: to pay attention to the way the food is produced, to appreciate the work of small farmers. Everything we put on the plate is very important”, he admits to Telerama.

What are his iconic recipes?

For the cosmopolitan chef, cooking is as much about connecting with people as it is about telling stories. This culinary poetry is realized in unique creations. For example, in the Netflix series, he presents a dish called “.A Walk in the Woods” (A walk in the woods). She makes a meringue with pine needles and mint leaves, as well as mushrooms and blackberries on a bark plate.

one that doesn’t shy away from offering great classics like casserole, soufflé, floating island, cinnamon and tarte tatinalso works Wagyu beef and truffle. Over the seasons, she never ceases to surprise her customers with recipes that are as diverse as she is.

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