Child pornography: Former teaching assistant sentenced to Chaumont

Criminal Court. The former teacher had about forty child pornography videos in his possession. According to the accused, many documents were “downloaded by mistake”.

On Tuesday 16 November 2022, 48 men were arrested in France suspected of downloading and viewing child pornography images and videos in an operation coordinated by the Central Office for the Fight against Violence against Persons (OCRVP). Those arrested, aged between 26 and 79, included pensioners, local elected officials, including the mayor of the Côte d’Or municipality, members of host families or the spouse of a member of the forces. Click. A forty-year-old who was established in Chaumont was also arrested (our edition of November 18, 2022).

Samuel I. is at bar summoned to answer charges of possession, importation and offering or delivery of child pornography. During a search of the defendant’s home, investigators discovered 44 child pornography videos stored on a hard drive containing more than 300 pornographic videos. The titles of the illegal documents are suggestive, to say the least. “13 year old boy fucks 15 year old girl”. “Ten years girl anal sex against father”.

At the center of the videos are “very young girls” who, as investigators see, are being exploited, raped, taunted by criminal networks. “There can be no doubt about their minority.”

The defendant, who has lost his appetite for Asian women, fights the slightest attraction to minors. Samuel I. may have simply downloaded hundreds of pornographic films through a popular peer-to-peer file sharing program. “I watched a little at the beginning, a little in the middle, and a little at the end. When I saw the minors, I deleted the videos. (…) These videos took hours to download, I didn’t watch them right away, I kept them waiting to watch, I never wanted to have child pornography files.”

The defendant, the owner of BTS Informatique-Gestion, could not have neglected to download these files and make them available to others. An ignorance clearly suspected by the prosecution.

is disturbing

The identity of the defendant was at the center of the controversy. The psychiatrist pointed to such symptoms as “criminal dangerousness”, “trivialization of facts”, “absence of guilt” and “rejection of pedophile attraction”. Anxious, of course. Up to one item in the file.

In the past, Samuel I., who worked at Chaumont at Eugène-Decomble vocational high school, was subject to disciplinary proceedings after his mother discovered “prejudicial messages” sent by a former teaching assistant to a high school girl. It was about women’s underwear. “It didn’t seem biased to me, I didn’t have any hidden goals, I wanted to give him a gift, and this gift was pants.”

The elements appearing in the file and the defendant’s attitude at the bar will raise concerns for the Cindiyan prosecutor. “During the hearing, the gentleman stated that he does not have a firm opinion about pedophilia. (…) He is in front of his computer, the children are being raped, but it goes over his head.”

Prohibition of practice

Aidan showed me less concern. It is necessary to admit that the client’s identity and psychiatric expertise also provide “grounds” for “expertise carried out in a certain context, with knowledge of the alleged facts”, but the defender primarily retains the “naivety” of the user. “storefront” software. And then a question? “If you buy a box of books and you find child pornography, should you consider that you bought these books voluntarily? »

The decision? Sentenced to twelve months in prison – flexible – seven months suspended, Samuel I. is subject to a permanent ban from engaging in any activities that involve contact with minors.

T. Bo.

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