BTS’ Suga guest stars at NBA game

As a true basketball fan, Suga from BTS never misses an opportunity to attend a match. The South Korean rapper and producer was scheduled to watch the Lakers against the Dallas Mavericks in Los Angeles, California on Thursday night. In the front row on the floor of the Arena (formerly Staples Center), Min Yoongi, his real name, enjoyed the victory of the Texas franchise over teammates Lebron James.

Maybe the artist was lucky to have met his star Luka Doncic and took a picture with him? Cheered on by the NBA, Suga was also able to enjoy a display of cheers from the Lakers, who tried their best to choreograph the pipe to BTS’ “Butter.”

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A nice tribute to someone who caused a sensation last September on their pre-season tour of Asia, this time against the Golden State Warriors. Later, he was able to trade with American superstar Stephen Curry and did not hesitate to pose in a Warriors jersey. It was the Lakers he held earlier in the week, shared the photo on Twitter, and racked up nearly a million “Likes” along the way. It’s no surprise to see the youngster enjoying a variety of teams. In an interview with Vogue Korea last year, she explained that she is not a fan of a particular franchise.

What will happen after this ad?

But Suga didn’t just go to the United States to watch the NBA game. On Thursday evening, she wore a Maison Valentino dress, which announced a collaboration with the star and GQ magazine a few hours earlier, as part of a campaign for the Maison Valentino Essentials line. He captioned the first behind-the-scenes clip from this photo shoot: “SUGA becomes a symbol of empathy and connection, captured in new looks.” Something to keep the artist busy as his fans eagerly await his next solo album.

What will happen after this ad?

What will happen after this ad?

Many projects and always success

Since last June, BTS has opened a new page in its history by announcing that it wants to dedicate itself to individual projects for the coming years. Rappers and producers J-Hope and RM have released their own projects before, each breaking records. J-Hope headlined Chicago’s Lollapalooza Festival and frontman RM topped album charts around the world. He also announced his highly anticipated collaboration with Pharrell Williams during a crossover interview for Rolling Stone.

Jin, the eldest of the group, made history by selling more than a million albums, his first album, Astronaut, which he wrote in collaboration with Coldplay as a farewell letter to his fans before enlisting in the military. Members will work their way up slowly for this 18-month position. Their return to seven is announced for 2025.

But in the meantime, they intend to register their name in the music industry alongside their band’s now unmatched name. This Friday, it was Jimin who presented his new song “Vibe” as a duet with singer Taeyang. For their part, V and Jungkook, the two youngest members of BTS, have also been very busy. The former recently filmed a hit variety show in Mexico that will air on South Korean television, while the latter performed on stage for the opening of the FIFA World Cup with his hit “Dreamers.”

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