Renault engine in Andretti Cadillac, not impossible!

In 2023 – and from 2021 onwards – Renault will be the only engine manufacturer with only one construction on the grid for a Formula 1 Grand Prix. It’s clearly Alpine, its factory setup. A situation where the diamond minimizes negative consequences. Behind the scenes, work has been going on for months to find a client structure. A deal with Andretti Cadillac would be seriously possible.

“Customer teams contribute, and it can be a learning curve for them to come up with an idea and adapt the engine to make it happen.”RacingNews365 (translated by recognizes Alpine F1 Team Technical Director Matt Harman. “It can be useful in terms of reliability, you can learn a lot by getting different samples, more insights, more data, but in the end we didn’t need it.”

“We were able to solve it [les problèmes] for next year’s engine. But sometimes it’s really important to have more data samples, so this would be a disadvantage in my opinion [de ne pas avoir d’écurie cliente]but the freedom of thought and the freedom to exploit what one wants to do in the car without the slightest hindrance is not insignificant”he says.

The client team’s options remain very limited in the short term. We often talk about Williams, but the realization is slow. The arrival of a new board may change the situation. In the long term, we envision Grove’s structure to attract the services of a new entrant. Ford, Porsche or Hyundai are the manufacturers mentioned to join Formula 1.

As surprising as it may seem, the Andretti Cadillac will finally get a Renault engine. The American entity had signed an agreement with Losange before signing a partnership with General Motors. The position of the car giant on the desire to create its own power unit is not so clear, cooperation with an already existing supplier is often mentioned. Tandem can start with the client engine, no matter what. And the contract has already been signed.

“We have a signed contract with an engine supplier to start with and then as we move forward we will bring a lot of experience to build something for the future.”said General Motors President Mark Reuss when announcing the partnership with Andretti.

“Cadillac will be heavily involved in the production of the car”Michael Andretti adds. “Going into 2025, there won’t be a new engine yet, so we have to use the formula we already have. But for 2026, there are different things we could do with another engine manufacturer. It wouldn’t be a badged engine, because that engine has the Cadillac mentality.” would be property.

Renault (Alp) is known to support Andretti’s entry into Formula 1. With McLaren the only one to do so, the French outfit is delighted to see General Motors boost its championship ranks in addition to the Federation. Opposition is fierce among other opponents, but mostly over the distribution of the discipline’s financial gains. Lozanj’s motivation indicates that he will participate in the project. The way of the name Renault As it will be used as a type of technical cooperation, real interest remains at this stage.

“Zach[of McLaren, editor’s note]wants to do everything he can to help us get there, and so does Alpine. Zach Brown and Alpine are two very good allies.”Michael Andretti said.

The Andretti-Cadillac-Renault alliance will create a unique mix that will be interesting to explore. However, there is still a long way to go to see such an association appear in startup networks. Discussions are ongoing as the application process will begin soon. Until then, other information can help you learn more about the choices being made.

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