Luka Doncic doesn’t see himself as having as much longevity as LeBron James

If you answer my name, know that there’s no way, because I won’t be playing for that long. »

We can say that Luka Doncic When discussing his possible longevity in the NBA, he didn’t pass the four. A statement that echoes the questions some fans and observers have about the identity of the man who could one day (future) break the scoring record. LeBron James.

In fifteen games, The King (37,965 points) actually has to pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387 points) to become the all-time leading scorer in the regular season. After achieving this individual achievement, the question will be which player can dethrone “LBJ” at the top of this ranking.

What is certain is that it will not be an easy task, because we remember that, for example, “KAJ” has held this record since April 1984, when he knocked Wilt Chamberlain off the top step, the podium.

Almost 39 years later, the legendary former Bucks and Lakers center is therefore set to relinquish his throne to LeBron James, who has recently been invited to name a long-term challenger. , his lead in scoring…

the name of [Kevin Durant] is the first thing that comes to mind, we don’t call it “Easy Money” or “Slim Reaper” for nothing… “, predicts the Quadruple MVP. ” There are many great scorers in the league [Kevin Durant] is part of Kyrie [Irving]Luke [Doncic], [Joel] Embiid, Giannis [Antetokounmpo]… All these guys keep statistics, too. But you have to be lucky to be on the court and play: health is the most important aspect. »

Before LeBron, Donchik is faster

But according to Luka Doncic himselfwe already have to cross his name off the list of potential candidates, because it’s very hard to imagine him playing twenty years in the NBA, away from home, like LeBron James or even Dirk Nowitzki: ” It is long. I’d rather go back to my farm in Slovenia… »

Since longevity, like earliness and fertility, is a key factor in such records, therefore Super star The Mavericks will surpass the Lakers if they don’t play in the league for too long. In particular, the Slovenian starts far behind his “rival” at the same age.

Indeed, LeBron James had already scored 11,514 points before turning 24, while Luka Doncic is far behind with “just” 8,263 points a month and a half before turning 24. On the other hand, in terms of speed and not ahead of time, Doncic does better than James, as he has 8,263 points after 302 games, compared to his counterpart’s 8,069 points after the same number of meetings.

“The King’s” precocity (and longevity) is testament to his future record, which will highlight his ability to maintain his health over the years.

This is always a possibility [qu’il soit battu]but it will be really complicated “In any case, the referees are concerned with Luka Doncic’s goal record. Then to the details: It has to be a guy who has been playing for 20 years, in this physical condition… It’s very difficult to take care of this body, let alone the only qualities of a basketball player. [sur la durée]. »

So, the surprise that “Luke Magic” observes about LeBron James at age 38: ” Watching him play is simply amazing. This is his 20th season in the NBA and what he’s doing, scoring 30-40 points almost every night, is simply amazing. We rarely come across such things. »

Good news for Luka Doncic: he’ll get an opportunity to see his model up close this Thursday evening as the Mavericks take on the Lakers at Arena (04:00).

Luka Doncic Percent It bounces
The season Team GM Minimum Shots 3 points LF Turn off Def Early p.d party Int bp CT Points
2018-19 DAL 72 32 42.7 32.7 71.3 1.2 6.6 7.8 6.0 1.9 1.1 3.4 0.4 21.2
2019-20 DAL 61 34 46.3 31.6 75.8 1.3 8.1 9.4 8.8 2.5 1.0 4.3 0.2 28.8
2020-21 DAL 66 34 47.9 35.0 73.0 0.8 7.2 8.0 8.6 2.3 1.0 4.3 0.6 27.7
2021-22 DAL 65 35 45.7 35.3 74.4 0.9 8.3 9.1 8.7 2.2 1.2 4.5 0.6 28.4
2022-23 DAL 38 37 50.1 35.4 74.3 1.0 8.0 8.9 8.7 2.9 1.6 3.7 0.6 34.2
General 302 34 46.3 33.9 73.8 1.0 7.6 8.6 8.1 2.3 1.1 4.0 0.4 27.4

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