Formula 1 | The best overtakes of the 2022 F1 season

Find below the second part dedicated to the best passing of the 2022 Formula 1 season, the first is available here.

Ocon over Vettel and Gasly – lap 35 in Belgium

The Alpine F1 driver’s maneuver was reminiscent of Mika Haki’s maneuver against Michael Schumacher in 2000, even if the odds were not the same.

Taking advantage of Sebastian Vettel and Pierre Gasly battling for seventh on the Kemmel straight, Esteban Ocon used DRS to pass both the Aston Martin and the AlphaTauri before the Combes corner.

The French driver had a very good day with his second double of the day.

Hamilton over Norris and Gasly – Round 36 in Italy

Another double overtaking, this time at Monza in honor of the seven-time world champion.

When Lando Norris came out of the pit, he saw Pierre Gasly approaching him as he approached the chicane. Lewis Hamilton, who was just behind them, took advantage of the time lost by the two men to overtake both of them from the edge.

The Mercedes F1 driver may not win the race in 2022, but he will probably remember the maneuver fondly.

Verstappen over Leclerc – Round 1 in Japan

He didn’t know it yet, but Max Verstappen would win his second world championship title at Suzuka under changing conditions. After showing courage in the first meters of the Grand Prix

Starting from pole position, the Dutchman saw Charles Leclerc get the better of him and take the lead approaching the first corner. But the unfazed Red Bull driver braked later than his rival and immediately passed him on the outside.

He would then complete 28 laps alone around the world before the race was abandoned, but it was enough to take the crown after a penalty for the Ferrari driver.

Russell on Tsunoda – Round 15 in Japan

Still in the Japanese rain and with much reduced visibility, George Russell was intent on outrunning Yuki Tsunoda’s AlphaTauri immediately after the essay turned using a different trajectory.

At the Dunlop corner, the Mercedes driver went out and planned to take the local stage by surprise.

“It was a nice maneuver” The judge, rightly so, is British on his radio.

Vettel over Magnussen – last lap in the USA

Sebastian Vettel ended his Formula 1 career with Aston Martin on a high note, particularly thanks to his last-minute pass on Kevin Magnussen in Austin.

As he did a year ago in Russell’s Williams, the four-time world champion kept his car out at turns 16, 17 and 18 and overtook the Danes on the inside of turn 19. All were a few meters away from the finish line.

The German thus offered himself some well-deserved celebrations by crossing the line before retiring a few weeks later.

Hamilton over Perez and Leclerc – lap 45 in Great Britain

Overtaking who has the honor of being selected “work of the year” It’s double overtaking, as we’ve seen several times this year thanks to F1’s new technical regulations.

Lewis Hamilton, who took advantage of the intense fight between Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc in front of him, waited for the right moment to organize an attack at the exit of the club. The Mexican was slow after going up the chicane and the Ferrari driver went out.

The seven-time world champion thus slipped in to complete this 45th lap with two better positions and was able to show provisional second place.

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