100% transferable player according to editorial

The 2023 NBA Trade Deadline is less than a month away. Which player will definitely be transferred by February 9? TrashTalk’s editorial board looked into the matter. Without further ado, the answers are here.

Niko M.

Eric Gordon.

#FreeGordon. The veteran guard is tired of playing in Houston with underachieving guys and a team that doesn’t improve from one season to the next. We’re exaggerating the line, but Gordon says it himself, which proves it’s time to end this relationship that’s going nowhere. At 34 years old, Gordon doesn’t have time for that kind of nonsense anymore, but he does have time to help an ambitious team looking for experience, 3-point shooting and offensive speed (likely off the bench). Gordon, whose salary is non-guaranteed for next season and a free agent due in 2024, could finally come within the next four weeks. Anyway, we hope so.

Nico V

Eric Gordon.

Since M’sieur Gordon has to go, now is the time to act. His last words on the Rockets smack of a funny goodbye, as if he had to vilify his band — with good reason, because Houston is really lame — to finally find a ticket. Fortunately, Fusees has a great opportunity to restore some cool prizes with this dear Rico. The guy would probably do very well in the lineup rain to bolster the bench before the playoffs. His numbers are possibly the worst of his career, but hey, let’s not forget that the guy is on the verge of telling reporters he plays the pipe. If he wants to end his career with a ring, his age is starting to wear on him, so be good business gentlemen of Houston and end the joint venture with a deal that works for everyone.


Eric Gordon.

40-year-old who does not want children. Lived Club Med’s heyday. Bubble Jacuzzi in the rooms. Marble countertops. Free-to-air adult channels. Today, he finds himself invaded by rude children. Also, he drinks from a bottle and puts the hood inside… “It used to be good” partisan. His old friends have moved to Club Robinson in the Maldives. Eric Gordon can’t afford to care about the new generation. Very noisy. Focuses on appearance. We talk to them about shooting a 50% shoot, they talk to you about shooting a Paco Rabanne ad. The offset is too large. What is the choice but to leave?

Alex T

Jae Crowder.

Since we have to pick a certain starter, we might as well aim for someone who has been waiting for his departure since the beginning of the season. In the closet in Phoenix, Jae Crowder will pack his bags at the deadline and there will be no shortage of court workers. He will be packing his bags because the Suns need reinforcements and urgently. Maybe there’s a less likely scenario where he stays and he finds Monty Williams in the rotation, but I highly doubt it. That would mean thinking the sideline was unnecessary and that the Cactus were needlessly missing a useful player for a few months of the regular season. It should be noted that the player’s contract has expired this summer. In short, it was time to leave and it was set for February. The bidding can begin.


Eric Gordon.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s “obviously” about Eric Gordon. The back is dragging his spleen this season in Houston, shooting 36.2% from Travis Scott’s barracks, including a career-worst 42.3% shooting average of 11.7 points. The bruised-headed canardeur no longer hides his dismay and has already made plenty of seum-filled statements on Twitter or at the press conference, particularly about the lack of progress or collective action among the Rockets. It has to be said that in the midst of this cheeky young tattoo and Instagram savvy youth, victories are not really on the agenda and come after statistics, the spotlight, the latest Paco Rabanne perfume ad or even the latest Amiri outfit. Unfortunately, at age 34, the Sixth Man of the Year and 2017 3-point contest winner is running out of time and wants a shot at a title. Suffice it to say he’s blocked badly for the Rockets, it would be better to trade this player who has been sulking for months, holds good market value and is entering the final guarantee year of his contract.


Bojan Bogdanovic.

Without much originality, my number 1 client to move before the 9th of February is Bojan Bogdanovic. You’ll agree, the place of a veteran who almost had the best scoring season in the NBA at the age of 34 (21 points on 48.4% shooting, including 41.6% shooting), this is not exactly the dump of the Eastern Conference. There weren’t a few boards amiss as Orangeman Luka Modric became the focus of several franchises with postseason goals. It should be recalled that two years ago, the man from Mostar (now Bosnia and Herzegovina) was the owner of jazz number 1 in the West. Someone who passed through the Pacers, Wizards and Nets is still under contract until 2025, it’s enough to think about still relying on his mid-term services. Calling all the ambitious teams, are you looking to score, shoot, experience on the wings? Make your offer and let Bojan go.


Cam Reddish.

Cam Reddish for me. I could have chosen another name as there are many candidates to leave, but the situation of the winger caught my attention. The former Dukie, like Evan Fournier, was completely snubbed by Tom Thibodeau when he decided to cut his rotation. Back-to-back injuries to Obi Toppin and RJ Barrett didn’t change anything, if Wawane was eligible to return to court, Reddish hasn’t touched the ball since November 18. The 23-year-old still has several leads in the League, especially with the Bucks and Lakers. Drafted at No. 8 in the 2019 Draft, one whose explosion is still awaited is an intriguing profile for a franchise looking to bring energy off the bench. Able to shoot from distance and attack the perimeter, his versatile and two-way side attracts some courtiers. The New York council only requires 2 second round projects. This is a gift.

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