The death of Tesla, the failure of Google and the Central Bank

Stock markets are rising. We can’t say that the eternal pessimists don’t have enough to put 100 bullets in the fear machine now to sell the stock market and real estate crash.

132 billion Swiss francs

This is the loss that the Swiss National Bank will record for 2022. It is the worst loss in its history. This inevitably raises the issue of bankruptcy. Except it’s wrong.

The reason is simple. To support government debt, central banks have bought massive amounts of government bonds in recent years to keep interest rates low for debt financing.

Who says interest rates are low, bond prices are rising. Thus, in the transaction, central banks bought increasingly expensive government bonds that yielded less and less until they were yielding negative interest rates. economic deviation about to be corrected.

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The bond bubble deflated in 2022.

With post-covid inflation, rising rates and central banks wanting to reduce their balance sheets. part of these bonds had to be sold. And obviously as rates have gone up, the price of these bonds has gone down. Thus, all central banks will face very serious losses this year. The Fed and ECB should announce the same soon.

But central banks cannot go bankrupt.

If there is a problem, we will restart the printing press, stop selling bonds at a loss, and as inflation falls, interest rates will fall, allowing bonds to rise again.

The problem lies in the states that receive the fruits of these profits every year as a budget. So the budgets will henceforth be balanced without this funding shortfall. Because we have to compare the loss this year with the significant gains of recent years with the bond bubble.

In short, we’re realizing very quickly that since the subprime crisis, central banks are running out of options and they can’t raise rates too quickly to fight inflation. eventually they will tell us that the inflation target of the central banks is no longer 2%, but 3 or even 4%. We will be told that we should embrace this inflation for the good of the economy and avoid a deep recession.

By the way, 3-4% annual inflation will help reduce the debt level for a few years without a lot of reforms and belt-tightening, which doesn’t go down very well politically.

Suddenly, the real balancing act in all of this is not the risk of an economic or financial crisis, but rather: whether it will hold up socially. In the end, inflation will also reduce the wealth gap by hitting the pensioner a little and increasing the income of the poor a little to narrow the gap a bit. But will this be enough?

Like I said, it’s all about confidence. when we face a real crisis, it will all be a matter of losing faith. Here we are in a crisis created by central banks and the market thinks they have everything under control at this stage.

Tesla Tesla died alive

At $100, the Tesla was overvalued. 200 more. In 400 this was a heresy. And now again, some of the 100 dollars went to 60-30 dollars, explaining the loss of people who want to believe that the trees went up to the sky.

The problem is how we value Tesla. The stock market is waiting. And so even though the title has never done so well today, it’s $300 down as we anticipate the future. Fears of impending competition and Tesla’s other problems were reasons to explain why it was overvalued in 2019. And yet… Tesla is still the market share pick.

Today we need to stop wanting to value tesla as a car manufacturer. the market has proven for 5 years that it values ​​Tesla as a technology and software development company. Therefore, we should value it in the future as well.

And so its valuation beyond business results depends on rates. If inflation falls and rates stay the same, we’ll still be willing to pay 25-30 times earnings for tech stocks. Otherwise, it will pay 15 if we are in boxes that hold price power, treasury and margins. The question remains for Tesla over the next few years. But we are not there.

Twitter is back on the market

That’s the bet I’m taking. Musk will prove that tech stocks can lay off 20% of their workforce and still operate and grow and therefore maintain their margins. After doing so, he will of course decide to relist Twitter at a higher price than he bought it for. And the market will buy. Because the market will rank and focus on growth stocks that are capable of growth in the face of recession and continue to make margins with price strength. And twitter continues to have tremendous pricing power in my opinion.

The end of Google

With Chatgpt, we think google has not lost its competitive edge on the other hand. Of course, this won’t happen overnight, and even if Microsoft rushes to set up shop, Google has the ability to react or buy it back.

We know that artificial intelligence, digitization and robotics with cybercrime are the growth sectors of the next decade. More or less will depend on the degrees we value. But these are growth records. The wheel turns and even the colossi may be gone in ten years. As an investor, you should always keep in mind that even if it is too early to draw conclusions on Google. There have been Google killers in history… But as investors, we must always check that our competitive advantage is not erased from our “good papers”.

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