How to cook allergen-free thanks to Marie Lossi’s workshops.

Celebrity chef Marie Lossy combines the joy of making small meals with the weaning of her hyperallergic son. Since birth, she has recorded 25 food allergies, some of which can cause anaphylaxis. However, offending his “greedy allergy” is out of the question. So, for nearly 20 years, he has been inventing special recipes that exclude delicious flavors and food allergens. Now she shares her knowledge with other allergy sufferers by holding online cooking workshops. .

Field experience

For many years, Marie has suggested making cakes, sweet or savory treats on her blog without the 14 reported allergens (ADO) or other allergens that her son reacts to.

Production of gluten-free bread is also in the program. Essentially, it’s learning to eat voraciously despite multiple food allergies. Over the years, he has accumulated solid experience in substituting one or another banned ingredient for his son. Gluten-free flours no longer hold any secrets for him.

Collective learning

First, it offers cooking workshops by going to participants’ homes. However, one incident will change the game with Covid and repeated arrests. With nothing stopping him, he chose to teach others his culinary concoctions during webcam sessions via Zoom.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook, her recipes are suitable for everyone. Why take a class when the recipe is on the blog? Just because during the collective meeting, he cooks the chosen dish with you. In addition, there is the “icing on the cake”, the exclusivity of special workshop recipes that are not published on the Internet!

Marie L. explains the very simple procedure for registration. “With this formula, the number of participants is determined at a maximum of eight for each session. It takes place one Saturday a month from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. People receive their list of ingredients the Monday before after registration and payment.” The theme is predetermined, “it can be gluten-free bread or pastry”. . For example, January 14, 2023: Provencal kings brioche workshop, December 10, 2022, it was about making tiramisu and gingerbread. Of course, gluten, milk, eggs, nuts, corn, etc.

Marie thus prepares the chosen recipe with the participants via webcam. In advance, they are given a list of ingredients. At the end of the session, they receive “little extras”: a summary video, a recipe sheet, and an ingredient substitution sheet.

Individual lessons.

Individual lesson programming is carried out according to our respective schedule,” says Marie Lossie. The recipe prepared depends on one’s choice. In this configuration, Marie Lossy helps a person create a recipe via video.

Registration conditions are the same as group lessons. In addition, online training makes it possible to reach the maximum number of people outside of France, but one condition: speak French. “I’ve done workshops with people from the West Coast of the United States, Canada, Reunion, Belgium and Switzerland, Spain.”

“I had a three-year-old child who wanted to help his mother, otherwise he might have thought of a parent-child workshop for a child older than 8 years old,” says how these workshops can be offered to a parent-child duo.

“In addition to food allergies, participants with other pathologies, such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, lactose intolerance, celiac patients, register for seminars,” says the culinary blogger. However, it may be of interest to anyone. Indeed, you may have to accept people who are excluded from home meals, and the menu problem does not arise with this training.

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