Formula 1 | The best overtakes of the 2022 F1 season

The 2022 Formula 1 season did not offer us spectacular overtaking.

In Part 2, let’s go back to the eleven we think are important, in addition to the passing of the year. Here are the top five.

Lekler over Hamilton – 48th lap in Great Britain

After a number of poor strategic decisions by Ferrari throughout the season, Charles Leclerc had to manage a restart after the used hard-rubber safety car took to the track. His rivals, including Lewis Hamilton, were equipped with new soft tires.

Despite everything, the Monegasque gave us one of the best moments of the year, putting up a fierce fight against the seven-time world champion at the Copse corner where the two men side-by-side. Hamilton was on the inside, but the Ferrari driver put up a great fight, getting the best of the outside.

Leclerc would eventually succumb to Mercedes, as well as Sergio Perez’s Red Bull, but he showed great bravery and deserved better than fourth on the day.

Sainz sur Perez – 41st round in France

Despite a very muscular defense from Sergio Perez, Carlos Sainz made a daring maneuver to overtake him during the French Grand Prix.

The Ferrari driver tried his luck again on the outside at turn 12 as Red Bull made a late defensive move as the Mexican tried to pass him on the outside at Signes.

At the same time, Ferrari signaled him to return to the pit. “Not now, not now” the Spaniard answered correctly.

Russell sur Pérez – 50th lap in France

During the same race, George Russell also overtook Perez very well.

Unable to keep up with Red Bull in the straight, the Mercedes F1 driver was faster than his rival when the race resumed after the intervention of the virtual safety car and stole third place from him.

The Mexican will complain that the VSC ruined his race, but the Brit showed all his courage on the spot.

Ricciardo in two Alps – Round 24 in Hungary

Esteban Ocon, who had just come out of the pits, fiercely defended his teammate Fernando Alonso, who was trying to get the better of him. And the McLaren driver was going to take advantage of it.

As the two Alpines went wheel-to-wheel at Turn 2, Daniel Ricciardo suddenly overtook his two rivals on the inside. Despite being at the center of a very complicated season, the Australian recalled that he had the art of overcoming that day.

About Leclerc Russell – Round 31 in Hungary

Despite another race marred by Ferrari’s risky strategy, Leclerc overtook surprise poleman Russell spectacularly, aided by DRS at Turn 1, that’s right.

If the maneuver was spectacular, we have to applaud the professionalism of the two men, despite the risk the Ferrari driver took.

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