What does the star brand have in store for us in the future?

Mercedes GLC: electricity on all floors

  • Marketing : 2022
  • Estimated price : from €55,000

the GLC was produced in 2.6 million copies from the day it was put into use 2015 and has been the brand’s best-selling product for the past two years. Suffice it to say that the replacement for such a successful model is a the main problem ! And here is the reserve card that is played: visually, all of it new second generation (codenamed X 254) smartly follows in the footsteps of its predecessor.

However, everything is new length 4.71 m, he grew 6 cm and on the way and Cx was reduced to 0.29. The body wins 50 liters In operation to reach a nice volume of 600 dm3. internal Carried over from the C-Class, it includes the MBUX system with a huge vertical 11.9-inch screen and 12.3-inch instruments as standard.

Leather, wood and aluminum Massage and aroma diffusion, which are very fashionable in Stuttgart, are part of its panoply as well as energizing functions. Sub-equipmente, for example, is promised an upgrade with heated seats or standard induction charging.

Hybrid and diesel

The invisible parts of an SUV brand new quadruple front axle and multi-link rear axle, top-of-the-line air suspension and even new. 4 steering wheels for some versions (10.9 m turning circle).

Under the hoodat least in the beginning you can only find 4 cylinder petrol and dieselall four-wheel drive, 9G-Tronic automatic gearbox and in one formhybridization, or light with alternator-starter (GLC 200, 300 and 220d) or plug-in hybrid (again petrol or diesel 300 e, 400 e or 300 de) with 110 km autonomy large 31.2 kWh battery.

In this case, synchronous electric motor develops a single 100 kW and 440 Nm of torque. Charging at 60 kW allows full autonomy to be restored within 30 minutes.

To digital art

Knowing that it is the leader in the competition due to the size of the on-board screens, Mercedes intends to offer new user experiences in the future. NFT technology (digital certificate confirming the uniqueness of the work).

Kind of digital personalization making some models unique. To explore digital art, Mercedes is joining the Aura consortium, founded by LVMH and bringing together major luxury brands outside the automotive industry.

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Mercedes A-Class: stardust

  • Marketing : 2022
  • Estimated price : from €30,000

Four years. We have known the face of the fourth generation for four years Mercedes A-Class. If the car has flown perfectly over time, it is still up for purchase traditional mid-career restyling. Not surprisingly, the changes will be extremely minimal.

Externally, expect neither more nor less from a few cosmetic corrections in bumpers and lights. The most notable developments on board will be the touch-sensitive steering wheel from the C-Class, as well as the disappearance of the touchpad. Central console.

New rims and trims will expand the customization offer. Restyling will also be an opportunity to breathe new life into the sedan version that will not be passed on to the next generation.

in radius engines, we are also flourishing the status quo. Gasoline and plug-in hybrid will remain in the program. Yan diesels, the original Renault mechanicals will be discarded in favor of Mercedes units. However, some versions may see a slight increase in power.

Mercedes-AMG Vision: high-voltage sports car

  • Marketing : From 2025 onwards
  • Estimated price : From €230,000

You liked the Mercedes Vision EQXX concept, you will like it Vision AMG show car. Its breathtaking proportions hide the new AMG.EA platform designed for the future electric sports Affalterbach. Because there is no doubt that this concept will emerge The first 100% electric AMG in history from 2025.

will be a four-door coupe for four people with a battery placed between the front and rear axles. We do not know the composition, capacity, or size of this, which promises superiority over autonomy. L’aerodynamic even if it is undoubtedly difficult to maintain this line directly on the roof, it should benefit from all the care. rear spoiler.

Mercedes-AMG C 63

No more V8s! The future Mercedes-AMG C 63 will really change as a 2.0L four-cylinder plug-in hybrid. If the soundtrack loses much of its flavor, the performances will indeed have a cumulative power of approx. 600 horsepower. Laziness Break property will also be updated. The car will show the end of the hood in the coming weeks.

Mercedes EQE

less obvious, Mercedes EQS SUV is already preparing to meet its younger brother EQE SUV. The latter will be logically more compact and de facto more affordable on the budget side. There will be Russian dolls on the plastic side! The EQE will be an SUV elevated recession who’sEQE, itself visually very close to EQS. Technically, the EQE SUV should take batteries and motors from the EQE and will be introduced at the end of the year.

Mercedes-Maybach Concept

We probably buried it a little too soon Maybach. Hyperluxury is going well and certainly brings a lot to Daimler. In addition to the special two-tone series based on the concept (150 pieces). Vision Virgil Abloh (named after the American stylist), Maybach Mercedes is thinking about an SL-based roadster with biton paint and a screen-printed hood. Still in conceptprice and marketing are irrelevant.

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