Do journalists defend freedom of expression only when they have personal concerns?

Published on January 10, 2023


On December 15, Elon Musk decided to temporarily suspend the accounts of several journalists from Twitter. This decision immediately caused a series of violent reactions that highlighted the bias of the media, political institutions and… Wikipedia.

It seems surprising that this billionaire has suspended the Twitter accounts of several journalists who have criticized his commitment to freedom of expression.

However, a bit of context explains his reaction very well: Musk owns a private jet, the movements of which are not known to the public. He explained that he really didn’t want his position and actions to be tracked, especially by some of the activists involved on Twitter, which he believed was personal and more importantly could endanger his life or that of his loved ones.

This note is not at all frivolous: in the past and recently, the leader of Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter has encountered individuals with unclear intentions. Recently, his young son was involved, which apparently alarmed the billionaire, so he decided to at least ban it in any form on his platform. doxing which may pose a threat to the persons concerned: thereafter the disclosure of the personal data of the Twitter user (whoever he may be) will cease.

After this change was made clear in the policy of using the platform, several journalists nevertheless and surprisingly persisted and continued to transmit the positions and movements, even though they were deprived of Musk and his plane. Not surprisingly, that’s why they were discontinued.

Stupor and screams, journalists were suspended for breaking the rules on Twitter!

We understand here that the common detractors of Musk’s platform and the former’s takeover of the latter have had a great time obsessing over the idea that the billionaire would change his tune on free speech like this, that he would take a huge step. a politically motivated witch hunt and soon no one will have the right to express themselves on this cursed social network. At a fairly typical speed of troops woke upan entire section of journalism then began chirping for a mass exodus of Twitter (which still hasn’t happened) and Mastodon (a platform known to host child pornography). or make it a reality.

Less anecdotally, we should note three other major reactions following this micro-news on the social platform.

On the one hand, and as expected, the mainstream press has done its usual job of brazenly biased propaganda: a tired headline suggesting an arbitrary shutdown (“Musk Suspended Journalists Writing About Him”) or presenting the video. with the facts cut, he painted a portrait of an unstable and capricious character that would be easy to re-emerge with each new decision. The technique is well known and in many ways reminiscent of the systematic blackmail suffered by some American conservatives (primarily Trump), which is not related to the abysmal loss of audience of this media.

On the other hand, official institutions quickly joined the dance. While the Biden administration’s claim of more or less busyness is understandable, it is strange to read the statements of elected politicians, especially Europeans.

In an interesting series of speeches, French or German ministers have been quick to express their disapproval of what they see as an attack on freedom of expression: here, too, it is not surprising that we find useless frills as the cream of the crop. Jean-Noel Barrot (who, according to rumors, would be the deputy minister in France) or tasteless German Buschman, Ministry of Justice. The absent Roland Lescure, also considered the representative of the Minister of Industry, would choose this position. leave the platform protest; it’s come back pretty quickly since then (and if you haven’t seen it go or come back, that’s totally normal).

More surprisingly, they are small protrusions European Commissioner and Vice President of the European Commission Vera Jurova even called for sanctions. We are still trying to understand why the European Commission can have a say in the management of a private platform, especially as mentioned, like the French or German institutions represented by these coattails. Politics these people clenching their metaphorical little fists are as useless as they are powerless to oppose Musk’s decisions.

Finally, watch the reaction… Wikipedia: Although the news of the suspension has not yet spread to the world, users of the world’s encyclopedia have been quick to celebrate the decision. “Thursday night massacre (Twitter) (Thursday Evening Massacre) – as it is more soberly called “December 15, 2022 suspensions”. We marvel at the speed with which an article like this can be produced, whether in terms of scope (fewer than ten journalists are mentioned), duration (only a few days suspended) or subject matter (we can). Are you talking about freedom of expression regarding the real-time position of a private jet? The debate remains open).

In short, in a rather remarkable general movement, all of this information for the general public includes outposts ready to broadcast a message that, at the time of the event, began to vibrate with a noise, albeit a very modest one. statement was taking place and we were left rolling on the floor in anger and frustration (to say the least).

This unanimous response is confusing and requires us to ask ourselves a few questions.

When was this media Twitter Files (mentioned here and there) came out?

However, these files that emerged on Twitter, representing an unprecedented attack on freedom of expression, did not move these tartuff groups: the mainland press did not say a word when it came to arguably one of the biggest scandals ever. intelligence agency collusion, administrations and journalists to impose censorship on citizens; The swelling of the European Commission and the ministers of the member states did not make any statement and did not show any irritation to see that these social networks are actually hijacked by the authorities and authorities for party and political purposes to crush any dissent in the speech.

As for Wikipedia, having a token article about these explosive files doesn’t make it clear at all, and the reason for its silence is easy to understand: like these agencies, like these administrations, like these media, the online encyclopedia is now ultra-politicized and almost entirely controlled by America’s progressive left. corresponds to the same collectivist goals, of course, it is not interested in detailing the disclosure of the Twitter files: by regularly asking for donations from individuals, it seems that the collected funds do not mainly go to the maintenance of the site.

Click on the image to access and open the Twitter feed

In practice, most of these collections are filled with foundations, non-governmental organizations and projects that most donors have never heard of and whose purpose is quite clear and similar to the goals of the administrations and Western mainstream media, i.e. the collectivist Western cultural revolution. .

In short, by suspending several journalists for several days, Musk once again showed where the self-proclaimed defenders of free speech really are, that is, where they are not expected. It also revealed a true intellectual capture of the media, institutions, and even Wikipedia by a marginalized section of society determined to silence any challenger by any means possible…

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