New smartphone: what to do with the old one?

Now, thousands of antique cell phones haunt our drawers. For many, getting rid of an old smartphone is out of the question, and many prefer to leave the old model to dry in the back of the closet rather than give it a second life. However, there are many ways to make these devices that have been with us for years useful again. Have you just bought a state-of-the-art smartphone? SFR News gives you some tips so that you don’t leave the former to its sad fate.

Unless you’re into collecting smartphones, there’s not a very good reason to keep all your old cell phones. So, here are some tips to avoid growing your old phone graveyard.

Restore your smartphone using SFR Mobile Recovery

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Give your old smartphone a new use

If the first mobile phones only allowed us to make and receive calls, exchange SMS or play Snake, the latest generations are real little laptops. Thus, a smartphone can have several lives. Depending on its condition, you can very easily reverse it and use it for something else. Here are some suggestions.

Turn your smartphone into a camera or video camera

Sometimes you prefer not to take your precious, new, beautiful smartphone everywhere. You can be afraid of unpleasant events on a boat, on the beach or on the ski slopes. So why not use your old model for these special occasions? Then all you need to do is transfer the captured memories from one device to another.

Your old phone can be turned into a portable console or e-reader

Time passes very slowly on long trips. So why not use your old phone to beat the boredom without draining the battery of your latest model? Games, books, movies and even music: your good old device is surely full of little treasures waiting to be (re)discovered, and adding new content to it is not difficult. Fun.

Turn your smartphone into a GPS

We sometimes forget this, but GPS can work without access to a cellular network, just like we used to before our smartphones replaced them. However, if you want to use your old smartphone as a GPS, there is a trick to know: you need to use an app that works offline (this is especially the case with Google Maps) and remember to update the maps and download them via WiFi. they may need before leaving on the road again.

Your old smartphone can be turned into an external hard drive

If your old mobile device was powerful in terms of internal storage, you can use it to store large files if you don’t have an external hard drive handy. In an emergency, this troubleshooting solution can be very helpful.

Recycle your old smartphone

If you have smartphones in the back of your drawer where the solutions mentioned above are not applicable, they may no longer be of much use. But if you think they’re good for scrap, don’t get rid of them anyway! Components are recyclable and the contents of your old device have no place in the non-recyclable bin. For example, the battery should not be thrown away. To ensure that your old mobile phone does not become a source of pollution, it is best to dispose of it at a collection point that deals with the recycling and pollution of electronic devices. To find out more and find out where to leave your old mobile phone, visit

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