136-134 victory in Sacramento, five in a row!

We missed this little table of the night. An ideal place to write a thriller. If the game is also in Sacramento, it’s hard not to see the perfect setup to wake up the basketball gods and ask them to swing a stick. It was sensational. crazy Don’t breathe. In the continuity of everything we see in this moment. A very large Fox. Great Lakers.

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De’Aaron Fox is an All-Star.

Strange release, slightly against the direction of the angle, but a forced pass from the foxhole. What if he had struck the last blow? 34 points for him already, 17 in the 4th quarterIn 3.6 seconds, he raises the ball and kicks it “Stephen Curry vs. Thunder”, a move for eternity… CLUNG, the leather hits the bottom of the ring. The Lakers win 136-134, De’Aaron Fox is mean and insults the refs, Thomas Bryant puffs his chest, Russell Westbrook is in heaven.

Fifth win in a row for the Lakers. The Great Expression three Four had never been so helpful. Dennis Schroder, LeBron James, Thomas Bryant and Russell Westbrook shared 116 of the 136 points scored by Los Angeles. But since their contributions are so different, it is difficult to group them under a single statistic. start, Russell Westbrook it happened 2nd player in history He had 20 points, 5 rebounds and 15 assists off the bench (the first was Slick Watts in 1977). A great start to 2023 for Marsupilami. 22/46 shooting over last three games, a KEY role in that success in Sacramento. He absolutely has “special” Davion Mitchell and played Kings defense the whole way. A small gap in the screen output, drive will be measured according to the placement of spawn / teammates between defenders’ guibolles. From the very big Russell Westbrook. And as luck would have it, his good performances coincided with the Lakers’ victories. We can throw stones at him. Never say it’s useless.

Thomas Bryant, the boss from A to Z, must be mentioned in the meeting with the mental leader of the Lakers. 29 points, 14 rebounds and 1 block on 12/14 shooting. Pure energy. The galvanized crowd – even if he finished on 12/25/7 – won his duel against Domantas Sabonis by a large margin. With every rebound, the euphoria rose, as if it was untouchable. Excited to see him back in the circle during the 4th quarter. And for a little side greatness, Thomas Bryant is the 4th Laker in history to shoot at least 85% for a 28/14 game. The other three? Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaquille O’Neal. Welcome to the great crowd (all things considered, eh, it’s still Thomas Bryant).

Giga LeBron James. The most fanatical of Fantastic 4. It feels like repeating itself every other night, but have we ever seen a player from the 38 bank lead his team like him? Here again, we must remain measured. Up front was Sacramento’s woeful defense. However, the addition was handled correctly: 37 points on 50% shooting, 8 rebounds, 7 assists, +15 plus/minus AND that clutch important attack after 50 seconds. Great recreation that will go under three defenders competition Keegan Murray, judges confirm 2+1. Quite an undeniable whistle eh, we clarify, because everything was not clear in the last minute of the match. Many controversial decisions. One final, flagrant foul by De’Aaron Fox Dennis Schroder. It was that mistake — with four seconds left — that sealed the win for Los Angeles. Two shots for Schro’. Money in the cash register. 27 points on 4/5 from the floor, which wasn’t rough either.

A double win over the Hawks, Charlotte on the mat, the Heat and the beaten Kings. The Lakers are riding the best of the waves with five straight wins. Darwin Ham’s men take two days off before leaving Denver Monday night Trying to take down the big boss of the Western Conference. What if they did? But what if this dynamic has fueled the recovery we’ve been waiting for for two—almost three—years? Here again we take tweezers and observe all this from a distance. That game was crazy, but the Lakers are still the Lakers. It’s not impossible that Russ had a shooting on Monday 4/17 and high-fived his aunt while he was sleeping alone in the evening. It’s also not impossible that Thomas Bryant will prove to be “limited” in his ability to string matches. Great post 5 energy, good hands though Nikola Jokic waiting for him and we’ll only be half surprised if he eats 45/15/10 per head. Obviously not what we want. Good for a little freshness. What if the Western Conference could win? plaintiff Last minute (while waiting for Anthony Davis), double the fun because LeBron James was on board.

Great the winner Big disappointment for the Lakers, Sacramento. The California derby was played and won, De’Aaron Fox and friends couldn’t outrun the team in its current form. Maybe with a little more investment on one side of the floor, the Kings would be quieter. But with “if” We’re sending Austin Reaves to the All-Star game. What’s next.

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