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Radio J on Steve’s show at 2.45pm. “Jack Ma and his unique relationship with Israel. His statements and his love for Israel’s high technologies…”.

Jack Ma, the founder of China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, was reportedly seen in Israel recently. He told a conference in Tel Aviv that he had learned two things about Israel during his two visits to the country: innovation and “chutzpah” (the courage to change).

“In Israel, innovation, which is as ubiquitous as water and food, is very natural,” the business magnate and philanthropist told an audience of local and foreign tech entrepreneurs at the Israeli Prime Minister’s Innovation Summit. “Even if you have nothing, nothing is impossible if you have brain and heart.

“When knowledge – IQ – meets emotional intelligence – EQ, that’s called innovation, and Israel has all of that,” he said. “Israel knows that the most valuable resource in the world is not oil or gas, but the human brain. Israel innovates not only for itself, but for the whole world,” the billionaire continued.

“Most people innovate to succeed, but I see that Israel innovates to survive: you don’t have diamonds, but you have the largest diamond exchange in the world. You don’t make cars, but you have the best automotive technology in the world. You don’t have water, but I heard that you are one of the biggest exporters of fruits and vegetables in Europe. It’s amazing,” he said.


Israeli governments have a clear policy to develop economic relations with China in the areas of innovation, investment, projects and trade. Netanyahu, the architect of this relationship, defined China’s growing economy as a significant opportunity for Israel, and defined the startup’s innovation as an excellent match for the world’s technology, capital and market needs. China as a heavenly wedding.

Bibi Netanyahu describes his policy towards China in his memoirs. He says that, like most Western leaders, “I have walked a tightrope in Israel’s relations with China. On the one hand, the goal was to open the huge Chinese market to Israeli investors and at the same time to build Chinese investments in Israel, especially in public infrastructure.

On the other hand, I spoke openly with the Chinese about restrictions on military and intelligence technology that Israel could not share with Chinese companies.

MANY. Jack Ma, was born He is a businessman from Hangzhou, China. Famous for being the world’s first online merchant, he founded the e-commerce website and until 2019 was the chairman of Alibaba Group, which owns (Global express).

In 2004, he was featured on China Central Television as one of them “Top Ten Businessmen of the Year” then appointed by the World Economic Forum in 2005 “Young Global Leader”.

Since leaving the Alibaba Group, he has become critical of political power and his influence has waned. Some media have suggested that his disappearance for three months between October 2020 and January 2021, following a speech criticizing China’s policies, was an intervention by the authorities.

In , he is leaving the leadership of the Alibaba group; Daniel Zhang replaces him.

After the conversation Jack Ma, a critic of China’s political power in Shanghai, has not been seen again, and some media outlets are worried about his disappearance, which they see as a potential authoritarian hand of Chinese authorities..

On January 20, 2021, he reappears in a video posted on social networks for the first time in three months..

In May 2021, he will leave the presidency of the Hupan business school. And so, eventually, China disappears from the business landscape.

In November 2022, we learned from the Financial Times that Jack Ma would be living in Tokyo for six months..

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