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2022 will not be easy for the California manufacturer. If there was positive news, there was little good news, and we were not used to it until then…

Tesla, does it still need to be introduced, is the brand that everyone is talking about today. Although not a reference to fall for several years, it managed to become a reference in terms of electric models. By then, the numbers proved him right. Only after a particularly prosperous 2021, when the manufacturer’s market share doubled compared to 2019 and the Model 3 became simply the most widespread electric model in the world (1st zero-emission model and 17th, all vehicles combined , in Europe), 2022 is a bit breathless… and 2023 doesn’t look too promising. How did we get here? We stock up for you!

Model Y, the new goose that lays golden eggs?

However, 2022 is already off to a good start for Tesla with the launch of its Berlin factory (where the Palo Alto brand hopes to turn out around 500,000 models a year in the short term), as well as, and above all, the expected arrival of the Model Y, its Model 3 based off-road vehicle. Obviously, the latest addition to the series has sold quite well. Like last year’s Model 3, this one also has multiple exploits. For example, it topped sales on the Old Continent in September, combining all models and all energies. Quite a performance, even if it has to be put into perspective as deliveries of Tesla models only come in waves. In Norway, which is particularly fond of zero-emission cars, it even recently broke the record for being the best-selling car for a year… though it’s not over yet. Not heard since 1969.

Model 3 in free fall

The problem was, it wasn’t enough to fully compensate for the Model 3’s demise. The sedan alone sold exactly 141,429 copies in Europe in 2021. A “total” of 58,593 Model 3s were registered in the first 11 months of 2022. . Adding in Model Y sales, we arrive at just over 143,000 models. It’s better, but while we’re still waiting for December’s results, we can already say that it’s not much, and that’s why it’s disappointing. How to explain the fall of the electric sedan? The answer seems obvious: its consistent price increases. In France, his base rate has indeed increased from €43,800 to €53,490 in just a few months, an increase of over €10,000! Where Tesla sold almost 1/5 of its production in Europe last year (which is nothing), it’s actually no longer eligible for the superbonus, and its registrations have plummeted since January, with just 14,000 units sold. november

Elon Musk, Tesla and Twitter

But that’s not all. 2022 will be marked by Tesla’s famous leader Elon Musk taking over Twitter. We say “famous”, it is as famous as the brand it created. So much so that, as one investor pointed out to Bloomberg, “from a brand perspective, Elon Musk is Tesla, and Tesla is Elon Musk.” The problem is, “the more Elon uses Twitter for political purposes, the more it damages the Tesla brand.” Logically, the Twitter business shouldn’t belong to the latter, but it does. Investors in particular criticize Elon Musk for not devoting enough time to Tesla to his new baby, which has a direct impact on his stock listing. To be sure of this, it is enough to look at the graph below. It should be noted that each of the episodes related to Twitter (purchase offer, actual purchase, sale of part of Tesla shares to acquire Twitter, or more recently the decision to leave the presidency of the social network to “someone crazy enough” on the reins) to Tesla shares immediately affected. Two years after joining the S&P 500 (the most important US stock market index), the title is just collapsing. In 2022, it should average $259, down from $409.97 in November 2021, which is just a record. However, we understand that there is still room. The company is worth about $440 billion. Next door, the second car group, Toyota, is valued at half as much. However, Tesla is expected to sell about 7 times fewer cars at the end of its fiscal year (March 2023). So if the margins are high…

Source: Bloomberg

But it’s not just the Twitter phenomenon that’s troubling. For example, there are major announcements from Tesla that are not necessarily followed in practice. We are still waiting for the marketing of the Roadster or the Cybertruck, for example. The latter may not have the same success as the other models in the line-up due to its futuristic hard design. That’s what shareholders fear, anyway. Another recent event not in Tesla’s favor is the decision to close the Shanghai factory for about 2 weeks over the Christmas period. Obviously, the current state of health that embarrasses the Chinese government largely explains this choice. But the decrease in demand is another reason. And according to Reuters, it could be closed again in January during Chinese New Year celebrations. This should not reassure investors any more when we know that in 2022 more than half of the world’s production will come from this facility…

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