Lenovo has introduced new Legion PCs for gamers

The Legion series is updated with a new generation of gear that appeals to gamers from all walks of life.

CES 2023 is in full swing and now it’s Lenovo’s turn to unveil the new face of its Legion lineup dedicated to gamers. On the menu: several towers, monitors and, above all, laptops with the latest generation of equipment here.

To begin with, Lenovo has updated the Legion Pro 5. This 2022 version is a great model that left a strong impression on us (see our test). It is available in two variants: the Pro 5 model powered by an AMD processor and the Pro 5i model flying under the Intel banner.

Both will be eligible for the next-generation chip. The AMD version will be able to go up to the Ryzen 9 7845HX, while the Intel model will benefit from the Core i9-13900HX. High-end processors that the average gamer will struggle to reach their limits.

They will of course be supported by a dedicated graphics card with up to an RTX 4070 for the Pro 5i and a Radeon RX7500 for the Pro 5. The kit will be completed with 16-32 GB DDR5 RAM with a clock frequency of 5600 MHz. , 7200 RPM SATA hard drive and PCIe 4 SSD from 256 GB to 2 TB.

© Lenovo

In terms of display, we stick with a high refresh rate IPS WQXGA (2560 x 1600) panel with a 240Hz option with variable refresh rate (VRR) support for the most demanding competitive gamers. Others may fall back to the 165 Hz model, which is cheaper and more than enough in almost all cases.

Lenovo also offers the benefits of the highly efficient ColdFront cooling system in the 2022 model. The latter has been updated and is now up to version 5.0. Lenovo does not specify the nature of the changes, but the text indicates that the ventilation flow, the size of the air intakes, the thermal interface and the heat pipes have been improved. Great news, knowing that these new components will heat up very strongly.

Lenovo also insists that it’s a relatively versatile device that can be used for creative or office tasks as well. It also has an 80 WHr battery, which should offer respectable autonomy in this context, even if you don’t expect mountains and wonders from a gaming laptop without a power outlet.

Lenovo Legion Pro 7: the new flagship

The Legion Pro 5 will be available from April 2023 with prices starting at 1,399 euros.
The Legion Pro 5i will be available from March 2023 for the same price.

For those looking for more powerful hardware, Lenovo has also upgraded the Pro 7. It’s also a 16-inch model, but packs more powerful hardware.

Like its younger brother, there are two versions, Pro 7 and Pro 7i, equipped with AMD and Intel CPU respectively. On the blue side, we find the same option in the most expensive model, i.e. Core i9-13900HX. On the orange side, on the other hand, we go a little further with the Ryzen 9 7945HX. Either way, these are the best portable processors out there right now.

Lenovo's new Legion 7 computers at CES 2023
© Lenovo

The biggest difference is the graphics card. There is no AMD option here; both versions of this Pro 7 will have an Nvidia sealed card. It could be an RTX 4080 or even a 4090 for the most demanding.

Inevitably, it took twice as much effort to cool these behemoths. Therefore, Lenovo bet on the second version of the ColdFront system. The vapor chamber on the Pro 7 doesn’t just cover the CPU; it also takes up the entire width of the device to support the graphics card. Absolutely necessary for a machine that can reach TDP 235W!

The battery has also been increased to reach 99.99 WHr. Additionally, it will come with a 2TB SSD as standard.

For the rest, the two machines are quite similar. On the display side, the display is identical to the Pro 5. It’s the same PureSight WQXGA panel in 16:10 format with a maximum refresh rate of 240 Hz.

The Legion Pro 7 will be available from April 2023 with prices starting at 2,699 euros.
The Legion Pro 7i will go on sale from February 2023 with prices starting at €2,499.

Lenovo Legion Tower: for desktop PC enthusiasts

For those who prefer fixed PCs, these two machines are also available in a desktop version called Tower. On the hardware side, these models exhibit very similar features to their portable equivalents. The Tower 5i, for example, will be equipped with an i9-13900F, while the Tower 5 will benefit from the Ryzen 9 7900.

The Tower 7i (no AMD model here) will be powered by the i9-13900K. It is also the only one entitled to the memory advantage (64 GB).

GPU level, we find the same models as in laptops. The difference is that it will not be mobile versions of these components designed to meet greater thermal constraints. This prevents the CPU and GPU from throttling so that the machine runs at full speed and offers the highest performance thanks to the liquid cooling system and six large fans.

Legion Tower 5 will be available from January 2023 with prices starting at 1,399 euros.
The Legion Tower 5i will be available from May 2023 with prices starting at 1,299 euros.
The Legion Tower 7i will be available from March 2023 with prices starting at €2,699.

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