Killian Hayes can’t wait to play in Paris

Spirits were high in the Pistons locker room after the upset win over the Warriors. Among them, Killian Hayes he showed a big smile. The French leader, who returned from a 3-game ban after an argument with Mo Wagner, immediately left his mark on his team’s game. The author of the assist in the basket of Saddyg Bey had a new record 13 assists in one match to continue his wonderful third season. After the meeting, we talked with him about this great win, the Pistons’ season, his upcoming return to France for the Paris game on January 19th and his development.

Killian, after controlling the match, you win with a crazy loud beat. Can you explain this last act and this shooting of Saddig Bey?

He wanted to do his Kobe (laughs)! The system was for Bogi (Bojan Bogdanovic) but Saddiq didn’t even give him a chance. He didn’t look at the screen, he came to ask for the ball and the ball smiled at him. He is my man, I am happy for him.

Dwane Casey said after the game that you were like a lion in a cage during your three-game suspension. How did you experience all this?

We were in Portland, Minnesota, so I didn’t do much other than watch the games from the hotel. I was looking forward to coming back and reuniting with the team today and winning this way. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Tonight you break the record for assists (13) in a game. You feel more relaxed, more patient this season, especially after Cade Cunningham got hurt. How do you explain it?

Of course, the work I do, training, playing time… And above all, when things don’t go my confidence continues. And then, I’m the leader, I’m the only leader in the team who can control and set up the game. My job is to get everyone on board, make sure we have our game plan and make sure all my teammates are happy. Tonight went very well.

“I only listen to people I trust”

You were criticized a lot in the first two seasons, especially for your incompetence. But we don’t talk much about your game management and vision. Is this something that bothers you?

No way! There will always be criticism. Look at Stephen Curry, even he is criticized for being the best shooter of all time. There will be criticism, but you have to take it with a grain of salt and not listen to everyone. I only listen to people I trust and who are close to me. I know what I have to do. I know what I can do. All that is said is beyond my control.

Is it hard to cope when you work hard but there is no result and everyone is judging you?

“Just stick with it”! It’s not really a cliché. You have to concentrate. You need to connect with your teammates and your team. If you start looking at what’s being said on social media and things like that, you risk losing yourself and losing sight of the goal of winning, moving forward, and building something with pistons. I’m close to my teammates, I know everyone trusts me and that’s really the main thing.

Have you changed your shooting gesture, can you tell us the details of this evolution?

It’s not a super big change. They just fixed a few details. We did it at the end of the summer, so it took me a while to adjust because the shots you take in practice are different than the shots you take in matches. There’s defense, there’s more intensity and pressure, and so on. Slowly but surely I’m adjusting and feeling better and better.

Tonight was your 41st game of the season. 11 wins and 30 losses, how do you rate this first part of the season?

It’s a lot of ups and downs and it’s hard to stay consistent. We will play three good games and then we will rest. When you watch our matches, there are a lot of close matches, so you learn a lot. But we really need to be able to limit the matches where we’re not there and we lose twenty points. That should be the goal for the second half of the season.

“Draft? This is a personal decision you make with your agent.

In two weeks you will be back in France for the Paris Game with the Bulls. How does it feel to play an NBA game in France and also be one of those titles?

It will be heavy, it will be heavy! My friends and family from France are coming to the game. I will try to get back to Cholet to see my grandmother. It will be a unique experience!

Tony Parker, Nicolas Batum, Evan Fournier and other players said a few weeks ago that young French players go to the NBA too soon or for the wrong reasons, not necessarily ready. What do you think ?

I think everyone’s situation is different and it’s a personal decision. If you feel you are ready… For example, I knew I was ready and that’s why I came. For me, it wasn’t about the money. But then if you take Victor (Wembanyama), he won’t wait another year. He is ready. So it’s a personal decision that you make with your agent, with your family. If someone wants to show up early, I can’t fault their decision.

Interview in San Francisco.

Killian Hayes Percent It bounces
The season Team GM Minimum Shots 3 points LF Turn off Def Early p.d party Int bp CT Points
2020-21 TED 26 26 35.3 27.8 82.4 0.2 2.4 2.7 5.3 2.2 1.0 3.2 0.4 6.8
2021-22 TED 66 25 38.3 26.3 77.0 0.6 2.6 3.2 4.2 2.8 1.2 1.7 0.5 6.9
2022-23 TED 38 26 37.6 32.0 81.6 0.4 2.5 2.9 5.5 3.0 1.1 1.7 0.4 9.1
General 130 25 37.5 28.6 79.1 0.5 2.6 3.0 4.8 2.7 1.1 2.0 0.5 7.5

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