CCleaner Review: A free PC cleaner to optimize your operating system

Having trouble starting programs on your PC? Are web pages taking a long time to load? Your hard drive is undoubtedly full of junk files.

Indeed, over time, computer performance decreases due to redundant files. Instead of deleting these files and deleting your browsing history, there are solutions to automate these actions.

CCleaner is one of the tools to solve computer performance problems. Find out everything you need to know about it in this article.

What is CCleaner?

Basically, CCleaner is an optimization program designed to improve registry files and Windows, Mac OS/OSX operating system. It is a useful program known for its efficiency.

Indeed, the program is mainly designed to clean unnecessary items such as temporary files from scanning or software from the computer. It scans your storage devices (hard drives or SSDs) and removes all unnecessary files that are blocking and slowing down your computer. This frees up hard disk space and therefore improves computer performance.

CCleaner Advantages: Reviews

The main advantage of CCleaner is cleanliness. It is considered an excellent registry cleaner. Specifically, it is a third-party program designed to remove unnecessary items from the Windows registry. It detects obsolete entries such as missing DLLs, uninstalled programs, invalid keys or unused file extensions.

In addition, CCleaner is compatible with Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. It also deletes data related to other third-party programs. In fact, it removes traces of Internet browsing (history of pages visited, saved passwords, browsing cache, stored cookies, etc.) as well as traces of access to other special programs.

In addition to its main function, CCleaner provides the removal of unnecessary software that cannot be removed from the computer’s Add or Remove Programs function. It also updates outdated apps to fix broken apps and improve data security.

CCleaner Disadvantages: Reviews

Considering the above advantages, it is quite easy to believe that the software has only utilities. However, its features may come with some drawbacks. These include clearing browsing caches. This operation will likely slow down users’ web browsers.

Indeed, cache files are segments of Web pages such as images, scripts, or HTML files. These files can be downloaded and stored by the browser. This allows the browser to load the page directly from its local cache on a repeat visit. It also saves time to load the web page.

Also, clearing CCleaner’s browsing cache forces the browser to load the same items over and over again. This operation gradually slows down the performance of the PC, or more specifically, the web browser. Note, however, that roaming caches pose a real threat to privacy. It is for this reason that cache files created by private browsing mode are not saved.

What are the risks with CCleaner in 2023?

For many years, the CCleaner program has had a good reputation as a system cleaning and optimization tool. But in 2017, the program was hacked by cybercriminals. They have included malware that can cause problems for users. Fortunately, software developer Piriform took quick action to prevent this tragedy.

Nevertheless, this phenomenon remains very comprehensive, and by resorting to the program, users are exposed to the risk of attack. Additionally, as of August 2020, the program has been flagged as a threat by Microsoft Defender.

Indeed, CCleaner deletes system files and registry entries without warning. In addition, the program disables key security features such as Windows Firewall, which makes the computer vulnerable to attacks.

What is the best free cleaning software?

Multi-functional, CCleaner is recognized as the best free computer cleaning and optimization software. Flexible and efficient, the software adapts to the needs of its users while emphasizing their privacy. This last aspect makes it possible to reduce the risks related to attacks in particular.

Moreover, in recent years, many efforts have been made by the developer to make the software a reliable tool. Recent reviews published on the CCleaner platform are positive. This restores the solid reputation the software has built up over the years.

Is CCleaner free in 2023?

As mentioned earlier, the popular CCleaner program is free. However, the developer also offers a paid version. Rather, it is the professional edition, available for €24.35 for a one-year license.

What is the best free CCleaner?

Professional CCleaner is considered to be the best, able to clean more memory space than any other software. In addition, this software offers many useful features. However, this software is not free. It is still the cheapest software on the market.

The procedure to download CCleaner is quite simple. Go to the official website and open the downloaded file. You will see an install button. Click this button to install the program on your computer, and then run CCleaner (Run CCleaner).

The process to download CCleaner for Mac is also convenient. First, start by downloading the installer by clicking It will start automatically. Open the Downloads folder in the lower right corner of your screen to launch the installer. Then click CCMacSetup.dmg.

Using the dialog box that appears, drag the CCleaner icon to the Applications folder icon. The process is finally complete, you can open the folder and click the CCleaner button to start.

How to download CCleaner for Android?

The procedure to download CCleaner for Android is more complicated. Indeed, the CCleaner app for Android is only offered in beta version. Therefore, registration for the beta testers program is required to install the app on Android. That’s why you should join the Piriform beta testers group and follow the instructions

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