Andretti-Cadillac project under the magnifying glass

If Andretti doesn’t find a place on the grid in Formula 1 for the next few years, it won’t be because he hasn’t tried everything. Following the failed takeover of Sauber in 2021, the team founded by Formula One world champion Mario Andretti in 1978 is desperately trying to convince Formula One and existing teams to offer him a place alongside them, an idea that has everyone excited. motorsport fans but a little Fewer teams, obviously, did not decide to cut the revenue cake in 10 more than 11.

Still, despite the reluctance of Toto Wolff & Consorts, portrayed by the Andretti clan “European club” unique “looks after their interests”, Michael did not give up and continued to improve his project. Last Thursday, he unveiled an alliance with General Motors, and more specifically Cadillac, through a virtual press conference to bolster his F1 ambitions and convince the last skeptics.

Aware of Formula 1 and the teams’ appetite for the American market, Andretti believed that an alliance with the US behemoth would allow him to present himself as a 100% American team and win over everyone. In any case, the Andretti-Cadillac ticket took the opportunity to respond positively to the declaration of interest process initiated by the FIA ​​under the leadership of Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

Herta still in small newspapers

As for the project itself, after repeatedly reiterating that his ambition is to be on the grid in 2024, Michael Andretti was more measured on Thursday, admitting he didn’t know. “We’ll be online when it makes sense” commented. The presence of General Motors President Mark L. Reuss at the press conference suggested that Cadillac is making a big commitment, but it seems that the brand, which also participates in IndyCar and Endurance, has no desire to come. motorist.

Will the Andretti-Cadillac ticket be on the grid soon?

The two people did say they were aiming for an engine partnership, at least initially, without revealing the identity of the engine manufacturer in question. Will it be Renault that does the deal when Andretti goes solo in 2022? Does having Cadillac in the equation change the cards? It seems that Honda, who wants to return in 2026, but not with Red Bull, is also an option.

And maybe even the most logical. Andretti and Acura are true allies in IMSA, while Cadillac and Honda have a technology partnership on hybrid production cars. When asked about this possibility, neither Reuss nor Andretti ruled out the possibility. It remains to be seen to what extent Cadillac will have any real commitment to this venture.

Cadillac is not (yet?) an engine manufacturer

If it weren’t for the Cadillac engine, we can imagine a different model of commitment from 2018 with Alfa Romeo as the simple title partner chosen by Sauber in recent seasons. To be completed in 2025, General Motors in the US state of Indiana will put American infrastructure at the service of the team, especially in terms of aerodynamics and engine development.

A European section will also be planned. The problem is that F1 is more willing to make room on the grid for a truly committed manufacturer, especially in terms of engines, while preferring to buy an existing franchise. As for the drivers, Andretti hasn’t changed his mind. The idea would be to have an American ride, and in this little game it’s always been Colton Herta, who deals with the team in IndyCar, who holds the rope.

“We’re very confident that once the expression of interest is complete, thanks to our excellent partnership with Cadillac, we have a very, very, very good chance of ticking every box and being online very soon.”. Among the Andrettis, despite the persistent reluctance of the major players (except the FIA), we remain optimistic!

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