The Labor Minister reveals the government’s arbitrages (slightly) six days before the official launch

Pension reform with state sauce is becoming increasingly clear. In an interview with “Parisien” published on Tuesday, January 4, Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt revealed several measures of the reform, which will be officially presented on January 10 next year.

  • Delaying the legal age to 65 or 64 … with an accelerated extension of the contribution period

Elisabeth Borne warned on Tuesday: not to postpone the retirement age to 65 “totem”. If the option remains on the table (“We will make a decision on January 10”Olivier Dussopt explains), the Minister of Labor, therefore, details an enabling alternative. “The balance of the system will be restored in 2030”.

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“We can also achieve this goal by introducing an age limit of 64, if this is accompanied by the acceleration of the implementation of the Touraine reform, in order to reach the 43 years of contributions more quickly,” he explains.Francois Hommeril: “Emmanuel Macron will be the only person responsible for the conflict over the pensions”

His new boss, Eric Ciotti, made the legal age 64 a condition of the potential deal. A step to the right that is easier for the government to take because it costs nothing: “The two scenarios will allow for the same amount of savings within 1 billion euros in 2030”Olivier Dussopt explains.

  • A reform by PLFRSS, spectrum 49-3

Labor Minister Emmanuel Macron confirms his desire to move quickly on this reform. “Our goal is to adopt by the end of March”, he explains to our colleagues. For this reason, there is no question that the debates in the Parliament will take too long. “There is a high probability that this will be an amendment to the bill on the financing of social protection” (PLFRSS), explains Olivier Dussopt.

Pension reform: Why Macron wants to introduce it

This PLFRSS was already mentioned by Elisey in September. A solution according to the palace that avoids accusations of a forced transition and shortens long discussions with the opposition in parliament. “Opponents have already warned: they are preparing a massive and irresponsible obstacle”justifies the labor minister.

Like bills of lading (PLF) or social security financing documents (PLFSS), the examination period of PLFRSS is limited to 50 days and it is possible to apply for 49-3 days without limitation. A boon for a government that can hold its own “wild card” for other law (49-3 may be used only in one text per parliamentary session, except for financial laws).

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“In spite of everything, our goal is not to address 49.3, but to create a majority”– says the minister.

Pensions: civil servants, special schemes, long careers… the government reveals its colour

However, let’s recall that Article 49, Clause 3 of the Constitution allows the government to take responsibility for voting on the text. Therefore, unless the offer of invalidity is accepted, the project is registered. An alliance of opportunity between the opposition can therefore topple the government.

  • The reform will (almost) only finance pensions

Emmanuel Macron has hinted that savings from the reform could help fund other spending. According to Olivier Dussopt, there is no question: “Not a single euro obtained from the reform will be used to pay for anything other than pensions. It’s a guarantee”he says, reminding that the deficit to be covered in 2040 will reach 23 billion euros. “If we can pay those deficits and fund the new rights, we’ll go a long way.”believes

But as the Labor Minister reminded us very well, pension reform will encourage people to work longer. “We will create more old-age contributions, but also health and family contributions, as well as growth and therefore additional tax revenue.”, develops. of “additional margins” will be used to finance other expenses.

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  • “No one wants congestion”: the government relies on the wisdom of the French

Even the reformist unions and the entire political opposition are against it, but it doesn’t matter: “The French are more logical than certain trade union and political leaders.”, according to the labor minister. And if “Everyone would be very happy not to have to work for two more years.”he believes many French people know “we won’t cut it”.

Olivier Dussopt, who was brought up again by journalists that two-thirds of the French do not want the legal age to be postponed, responds: “There is a difference between knowing that reform is useful and asking for it”. Before putting on the diaper: “You shouldn’t take people for fools. “The French understand perfectly what we have to do.”.

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