The Blues surround Karim Benzema and Real Madrid!

What will happen after this ad?

The issue of Karim Benzema’s package in the last World Cup has not yet revealed all its secrets. Following comments from chain columnist Daniel Riolo RMC Sports, the entourage of the French team decided to respond to the media. A poignant new episode and some surprising information about the man who finally decided to end his international career. If the management of Didier Deschamps and the egos of some of the leaders of the group are clearly targeted, the management of the Three Colors defends itself and the culprits are clearly identified…

The Blues point to Benzema and Real’s own management!

Going back to November 19, when the former OL striker’s withdrawal was officially announced in the first place, the Blues circle notes that the entire squad has done what it takes to prepare for the recent Ballon d’Or winner’s departure. d’Or. So, if Riolo caused the hasty departure of the French team doctor, the perspective on the tricolor is very different. As well as arranging and paying for the Madrilenian’s flight – private night flights over Iraq and/or Ukraine were banned at the time – the Blues staff, accompanied by KB9’s personal assistant, would also leave the possibility of the French striker staying at the base camp. The problem is, Benzema wanted to leave as soon as possible.

EdF: Benzema clan destroy Blues squad

RMC Sports Despite everything, the 97-game (37 goals) striker will ask Blues security director Mohamed Sanhadji to greet his team-mates and show his support. “We weren’t going to wake up all the players at 5 in the morning to have a guard of honor for Benzema.”In this regard, he said that he is a close friend of the Blues and added that the center forward of the Merengues is also there. “He forgot eight pairs of cleats in Qatar and his assistant had to ask the FFF to mail them back, which was done”. If the departure conditions are therefore determined by the French selection committee, the contours of the KB9 injury are also discussed.

What will happen after this ad?

Didier Deschamps supported, false rumors swept away!

With that in mind, the Blues insist that the doctor’s diagnosis of Benzema is correct and also state that it was the ex-Lyonnais who decided to step up his game on the day he injured himself. In the absence of a medical document normally delivered by Real Madrid and accepting the real uncertainty about the player’s health, the French team entourage thus admits to suffering from the situation in general and even states that the striker initially refused to train, preferring “control yourself”. A worrying situation, questioning the entire management and very much in contrast with the Varane case, more evident for all the actors involved in Qatar. In addition, the surroundings of the French team show that the Merengue often rejects the hand extended by the staff.

When he refused the help of a member of the medical team on November 12, the day Benzema returned home to Lyon to present the Ballon d’Or, or when the Madrid star twice refused the offer of the FFF and the Elysée. participate in the final of this world championship. Frustrated by the media’s turn of the case, the Blues’ entourage lamented that the 35-year-old Frenchman was generally presented as a victim and that Didier Deschamps’ management was routinely chosen. In this sense, the French national team also recalls the positive speech given by the former OM coach.

What will happen after this ad?

“Great chance for Karim Benzema for France”, the former midfielder of the “blues” would be presented in front of the president of the FFF, the minister of sports and about fifty people. Finally, eliminating a possible Pogba-Benzema rivalry, those close to the tricolor selection ensure that Didier Deschamps has all the skills needed to manage the strong personalities of the dressing room. With this extensive development, the French team’s entourage is trying to defend themselves against the many criticisms leveled at Benzema’s handling of the case, no matter what. Yes, but now, as in any series, probably everyone will have their own opinion on this matter, and this case did not react …

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