Test: Mercedes EQE 350+, mini EQS!

In the Mercedes heat range, the S-Class serves as a reference. Along with some of its technologies, we find design elements even in the C-Class. Electrically, this flagship is none other than the EQS. And the connection between the latter and EQE is more obvious from the thermal side! At a quick glance, you can almost confuse them! It should be said that their front faces are only slightly different. For example, the EQE’s light signature doesn’t span the entire width of the car, and if you’re (very) careful, we also see that the EQE has a special shield. At the back, the main difference comes from the trunk, which doesn’t take the shape of a tailgate when it’s smaller than the two Germans. Ultimately, their size is still the best way to tell them apart, as the “only” 4.95m long EQE falls just short of the 5m mark. And all these family ties become even more evident when you enter…

The rolling palace!

You can immediately announce the color: we are in this EQE! It should be said that the wheelbase is 3.12 m, only 9 cm less than the EQS, there is no shortage of space! Liveability is king in all places! But it is clear that we are still best installed behind the wheel. Unfortunately, our test car didn’t have a hyperscreen with a 1.41m screen. But it could still count on a 12.3-inch panel in front of the driver and a 12.8-inch center console with an excellent MBUX system. Responsive, full and ultra connected, there’s practically nothing to complain about. Admittedly, the controls for the climate control are also digital, but they’re cleverly integrated at the bottom of the screen and always on display. Add all that materials technology, as well as a flawless finish, and it looks like a real little rolling palace!

No chaining problems up to 659 km

The 350+ is nothing short of the best autonomy version in the EQE range. It can actually travel up to 659 km on a single charge! For this, it has a large battery, which has a really usable 90.6 kWh. The latter powers a single rear-axle engine with 215 kW (292 hp) and 565 Nm of torque. It is enough for him to reach 100 km/h in just 6.4 seconds and reach a speed of 210 km/h! It is also fast on the charging side. Its maximum DC charging capacity of 170 kW enables recovery from 10% to 80% in half an hour. Suffice it to say that chaining kilometers on board is no problem.

Luxury marshmallow

Despite nearly 300 horsepower and explosive acceleration, even in our test car’s more aggressive-looking AMG trim, the EQE is no sports car. His work is comfort! And it can count on many attributes to make its passengers’ journey easier, starting with our replica’s optional air suspension! Thanks to him, the German sedan is a real luxury marshmallow! It is soft, absorbs all the defects of bitumen as if they did not exist. Everything is completely silent thanks to the absence of engine noise and excellent sound insulation.

He does everything (practically) himself!

The German can rely on serious technological assets to accompany the driver on the longest motorways. With Distronic Plus included in our car’s options list, the EQE practically drives itself! It follows the vehicle in front of it, stays in the center of the lane, and is even capable of changing lanes on its own on the freeway! Once the function is activated, a simple push activates the turn signal. If the car does not detect any obstacles, the maneuver becomes very natural and smooth. After that, the driver has only one thing to do: keep his hands on the wheel. A real plus on long trips!

Expensive, but not that much…

Prices for the EQE start at €68,002 for the 300 version, which is slightly less powerful than the example in this test, but still shows more than 600 km of autonomy. To top up the 350+ and its 659 km, you need to pay a minimum of €78,650. With many advanced options, the car in this test reaches 100,623.60 euros. Yes, it’s totally expensive. But in the end, it’s not much of a competition, which has yet to match this EQE in many areas, including sacred autonomy.

Our verdict

EQS’s little sister, EQE doesn’t just embrace style. This more “compact” sedan also benefits from many other qualities of an electric limousine, such as materials and impeccable finishes, comfort, but above all, advanced technologies and record autonomy! Unfortunately, qualities that are not free… But often, if the prices in Mercedes are elitist, there are good reasons for this…

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