Formula 1 | General Motors chairman ‘thrilled’ after Andretti-Cadillac announcement

Here’s an early-year primer: Andretti and Cadillac have announced an alliance to form Andretti Cadillac Racing, which will bid to become the 11th team on the grid.

Such an alliance is a huge asset in the hands of Michael Andretti, who has spent months trying to convince the FIA ​​and FOM to accept him in Formula 1 – and will surely be difficult, if not impossible, to refuse now.

Because behind Cadillac, there is a large car manufacturer that is the emblem of the American market, where F1 also wants to grow: it is General Motors, the owner of Cadillac.

GM chairman Mark Reuss today explained the meaning of this alliance and the F1 project. The question was the answer to two questions: why F1 and why Andretti?

“I couldn’t be more excited to write this new chapter in motor racing history together. Like Andretti Global, General Motors and our brands have a long history in motorsports and a deep passion for racing. Our racing pedigree is built on some of the world’s greatest circuits and races. »

“Our hope is to add F1 to our competition portfolio. If the project is accepted [par la FIA], I am pleased to announce that this all-American team will operate under the Cadillac Racing brand. »

“Like Formula 1, Cadillac’s global appeal continues to grow. In fact, Cadillac is one of the fastest growing luxury brands in the world today. You can see this with Cadillac’s latest sales figures. »

“By participating in IMSA, WEC and F1 races, Cadillac will have the opportunity to demonstrate its innovation and technology. At GM, we’ve always taken great pride in transferring cutting-edge technology developed by our race teams to our production cars and bringing technology from the track to the road. »

Mark Reuss describes the technical partnership that his firm can bring to the F1 project and Andretti: not surprisingly, there is something heavy and concrete. But these multiple technical partnerships must of course be within limited budgets!

“However, our commitment to this program goes beyond the Cadillac model. GM’s extensive engineering resources will bring proven success and valuable contributions to this partnership. This includes all the talent and skill of the GM Racing staff and facilities in Michigan, Warren Technical Center and North Carolina, as well as the expertise of our engineers and designers in areas such as combustion, batteries, turbocharging, vehicle integration, and the list goes on. about. »

“So today is the first step in what we hope will be General Motors’ historic entry into F1. This has never happened in our history – it’s very, very exciting for us to be with Andretti. And given the chance, GM and Cadillac will compete against the best at the highest level, with passion and integrity that will continue to grow the sport for the FIA ​​and racing fans around the world. »

Reuss also confirms that General Motors’ entry into F1 would not have been possible without Michael Andretti’s insistence on entering Formula 1.

“At one point in its history, General Motors would have liked to join Formula 1, at least in my career. But it was quite difficult to do this for various reasons. »

“These reasons are related to the direction of the company at the time, the current budget or the state of the company, the economy, whatever these reasons were, they were different over a long period of time. But I would say that this opportunity and Michael (Andretti) were really important for us. »

“So I would say we definitely don’t want to do that. But Michael continued. And we just… I was personally over the moon. So that was awesome. And it really developed in a positive way. »

Mark Reuss’s intervention shows that it’s all GM behind Cadillac’s takeover of F1. It is a major achievement for the discipline to attract the first major American manufacturer, which has long symbolized the power of the US auto industry (or the industry in general, often at the highest level of the state). that “What’s good for General Motors is good for America!”).

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