“Drug shortage. The government bans online sales! “. Editorial by Charles SANNAT

When the government fails to organize or provide conditions for good supply, it distributes and organizes scarcity.

As in any good socialist-communist government, we are no exception to the rule in France, and everything always ends in scarcity, lack, and absence.

This current drug shortage owes nothing to luck, everything to public action, and the media is hiding much of the truth.


The government is responsible for the shortages.


Because we have decided to allow international competition in a globalized, globalized world, where we voluntarily move our factories, voluntarily waive all customs duties (in fact, this is imposed on us).

The French drug market will treat 8 billion people across an ocean from a small market of 67 million. In a world like this, and when demand is strong, regulation is always based on price…and scarcity.

Those who can or want to pay are served. Others are forced into famine.

It’s ugly, it’s unfair, it’s morally wrong, and drugs aren’t goods like any other, but objectively they are, and that’s what happens when you give up your sovereignty, including medical.

When the whole world wants drugs, the government lowers the purchase prices set for social security to save money, and takes full responsibility for what happens.

The results?

We won’t tell you, but today Bulgaria buys all medicines two to three times more expensive than France.

From antibiotics to Dolipran, pharmaceutical laboratories with neither NGOs nor non-profit 1901 associations, and even less “good” people, but cold monsters, obviously prefer to deliver the best price buyers.

Logically, France no longer delivers.

Bulgaria yes.

So our marioles government has two things left to do.

First, with the complicity of the media, hiding the truth here and not talking about it is enough. Ad-filled good people who spend over two hours successfully completing an episode of “Josephine Guardian Angel” will witness this without realizing the information they’re not being given because there are so many commercial breaks.

Then, create a shortage by issuing bans. As we can see here, the online sale of paracetamol is prohibited, or previously, even in pharmacies, masks are prohibited from being “sold”. At the time, “wearing a mask in the general population” was considered completely useless, and government spokesperson Mariole explained to us that he does not know how to wear said mask, so this is proof that it is not useless.

At that time, the whole world wanted a mask. The French government wanted to buy the masks for 1 cent each, but the pragmatic Americans bought them for 50 cents each. The result? The Americans had masks. The French had sketches of how Sibet Ndiaye would behave without a mask. Sibeth Ndiaye was no fool! He was simply involved in organizing the shortage as part of his duties. Listen to it in this video below. Memories are as horrible as they are cruel over time.

Drug shortage: government bans online sale of paracetamol

“While difficulties with the supply of paracetamol continue, the government has banned the online sale of products based on this molecule on Wednesday 4 January and until the end of January.

“Internet sales of paracetamol-only products are suspended until January 31, 2023,” the government’s decision published in the “Official Journal” reads.

This decision takes into account “paracetamol-based drugs in which the tension lasts for more than six months”, especially for children. “The various measures taken by the health authorities, no matter how effective, have not allowed to put an end to it so far,” the decree reads. For several months, the National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM) has been asking pharmacists to sell paracetamol to every patient.

The impact of the situation in China

In December, the Ministry of Health had already warned that despite these measures, the situation remains “complicated” and will not be resolved for several weeks. The government, in its decree, particularly highlights the worsening health situation in China, where Covid cases have increased after the sudden lifting of severe health restrictions. The Chinese government has banned the export of paracetamol, even though the country produces most of the active substance used by laboratories around the world. These supply difficulties are also part of the wider context of numerous drug shortages in France and other countries, starting with antibiotics such as amoxicillin.”

Lack of medicine is a sign of collapse!

How do you recognize a slump? Just this kind of information.

A country that trembles with fear at the thought of falling into darkness and not having enough power is a country in the process of collapse.

A country that no longer has enough medicine is about to collapse.

The collapse that we have, and which many do not want to see, because we must “remain optimistic”, “have reason to hope” and other such nonsense, is multifactorial. There isn’t a single element that pulls him away from it, and getting out of it will require a holistic approach.

The energy shortage problem and our lack of medicine are not the same, and the answers will not be the same.

For energy, we have talked about it, we need to stop participating in the European price stabilization mechanisms, this is the simplest and fastest way to save our companies without harming our country’s finances in the short term. In the long term, we need to strengthen our hydropower capacity and use them to create large water reserves to combat drought, and establish a dual hydropower and irrigation policy. Therefore, it is necessary to invest massively and work hard to build new infrastructures, including nuclear infrastructure.

We have to raise our purchase prices for drugs in a very short time to find drugs in the markets and to provide services like Bulgarians. In the long run, we will have to rebuild our manufacturing capacity at home, because when it all falls apart, we can clearly see that the manufacturing Chinese factories are prohibited from selling us for the benefit of the Chinese people.

If the solutions are different, the philosophy will be the same in all cases.

Sovereignty Solution.

The sovereignty of a country is not fascism or a dirty word.

Sovereignty is common sense.

Sovereignty is the ability of our country to fight threats collectively to protect our people.

When we don’t produce anything anymore, when we don’t have factories, warehouses, employees, know-how, what is left?


Sovereignty is our ability to act together for ourselves and in our service. At the service of our loved ones, our loved ones, our neighbors.

Do it for our sick child.

Sovereignty is a difficult path. This requires courage, strength and hard work. We have forgotten it for 40 years.

We pay the price today.

Our downfall is another name we can give to our relinquishment of sovereignty.

If you don’t do things for yourself, if you don’t decide for yourself and in your own interests, if you let others decide for you in their own interests, you will be ruined. Humiliated. It was lowered. Debtor.

It’s too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourself!

Charles SANNAT

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