Where to eat the best tiramisu in Italy?

In Italy and around the world, tiramisù is an ultra-popular dessert found in both pastry shops and restaurants. A look at the symbol of Italian gastronomy, 5 addresses to taste it.

We can see that it was a dessert that was born before Instagram. Not very photogenic, tiramisu has the appearance of a large soft and fluffy pillow. In one spoon, you can feel the creamy texture of mascarpone, the softness of biscuits, the spicy note of coffee and the slight bitterness of cocoa. According to a survey by language historian Leonardo Rossi, its name, which literally means “pull me up”, is even among the most famous Italian words in the world because of its ability to give us a boost.

International popularity but controversial paternity in Italy. He is said to have been born in Treviso in the 1970s. However, others claim that in their possession of period documents, “tiramisu” was already being served in a restaurant in the small town of Tolmezzo in the 1950s. it does not arouse the interest of thousands of customers who taste it every day in restaurants and sweets all over the world. In more or less classic versions, because the dessert lends itself well to the most extravagant experiences. Pistachio, speculo, berries, with so many food blasphemies, the most traditional Italians will deny.

Because tiramisu is simple: mascarpone, sugar and eggs, Savoiardi cookies soaked in real coffee made with mocha and topped with a sprinkling of dark cocoa. This does not prevent a few fantasies or adaptations here and there, if they are well done… From the capital to more secret addresses, we have chosen our five restaurants or the cult tiramisu, unstructured or original, but always delicious. .

The origin of tiramisu in Treviso at Le Beccherie

An essential stop on any gourmet exploration of Italy, Treviso is a charming little town in the northeast famous for radicchio, a beautiful ruby-colored bitter vegetable. What we know less is that in the pedestrian square in the center of the city, a historic restaurant lays claim to tiramisu. It was here in 1972 that Alba Campeol, the owner of the place, conceived the recipe with the help of pastry chef Roberto Loli Linguanotto. He has the idea of ​​using mascarpone, which is smoother than ricotta. Currently managed by Paolo Lai, the restaurant offers a contemporary cuisine with a touch of country while maintaining the recipe of the famous dessert… which less traditionalists can enjoy in an “unstructured” version!

Le Beccherie. P.za G. Ancilotto, 9, 31100 Treviso. This kind. : +39 0422540871.

Tiramisu in Pompeii in Rome

At Pompi, we don’t try to be cool, and that’s probably why we appreciate this address, which has been around since the 1960s. il regno del tiramisu, a reign built on a passion for the caffeinated dessert. And it works: several addresses have opened in Rome to satisfy the appetites of Romans and tourists alike. There’s excellent Italian coffee – if you find the espresso too strong, ask for a lungo – and of course tiramisu, offered in various variants with strawberries or pistachios. But above all, we love Pompeii and its slightly kitsch side, because the Romans adored it. And as the saying goes: In Rome, do as the Romans do…

Pump. Of the 6 addresses in Rome, this is one of the most central: Via della Croce, 88, 00187 Rome. This kind. : +39 0624304431.

Venice, Rio Mar waterfront tiramisu

Ask a Venetian where tiramisu was invented and they’ll likely say, “in Venice, of course!” Serenissima has retained the habit of claiming the merit of its former territories, such as Treviso or Tolmezzo, which dispute the paternity of the famous dessert. Without further ado, let’s leave the crowds that enliven the station area to find ourselves on an isolated platform, in front of a pastry shop simply called Rio Marin (sea channel). Behind the wooden board, one of the best addresses in town, famous for tiramisu. Several layers of cream and biscuit, but above all a great coffee smell. The house really serves espresso made with carefully selected miscella. Hanging out by the water while watching the gondolas go by.

Fondamenta Rio Marin, 784, 30135 Venezia. This kind. : +39 041718523.

A sweet bracket at Anna Maria trattoria in Bologna

Creamy tiramisu from Anna Maria trattoria in Bologna. Trattoria Anna Maria / Photo press

The smell of trattoria barely pushed the door of this neighborhood pasta fresco it fills our nose, and our gaze falls on the car sweet, where crostata, tiramisù and other sweet delights await. In the room, the walls are covered with frames containing messages, photos and memorabilia from clients, famous or unknown. After tasting the homemade ragù (a meat sauce that is the symbol of Bologna), we finally succumbed to the tiramisu, which is made daily in the kitchens of Anna Maria, who opened the establishment in 1985. , now retired. We love it for its smoothness and very generous portion of creamy mascarpone.

Trattoria Anna Maria. Via delle Belle Arti, 17/A, 40126 Bologna. This kind. : +39 051266894.

Pirona, delicacies and the history of Trieste

In Trieste, on the borders of Italy, the city center preserves the memory of Austria, which made it its imperial port. It is not only architecture that bears witness to this past. In the historic cafes of the city, gourmet habits and a certain appetite for sweets are continued in an atmosphere steeped in history. In Pirona, for example, the pastry shop opened by Alberto Pirona in 1902 retains its elegant woodwork and confectionery excellence. Tiramisu is served in mini portions, topped with chocolate coffee beans. A way to remind Triestines of their passion for coffee, which we call “nero” here! Good to know how to order like a local.

Pirona 1900. Largo della Barriera Vecchia, 12, 34129 Trieste. This kind. : +39 0402335476

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