the wishes of political figures for 2023

Here in France, end-of-year celebrations are always an opportunity to make and share a collective assessment of the year that has ended and express wishes for the coming year. Therefore, it is only natural that, as the Mayor of AGEN and President of AGEN Agglomeration, I want to share this moment of appreciation with each of the Agenais on behalf of the AGEN Municipal Council and the Agglomeration Council. and foresight. I do it more naturally this year because we, as citizens of the Age, are half-time, half-time of the democratic mandate you have given us.

In the first half, from 2020 to 2022, the City and Agen Agglomeration made a good start to the match, in line with the commitments we made to you during our 2020 elections. The city of Agen was able to modernize its place, Jasmin was able to build a new Armandie stadium. At the same time, it mobilized for things that make up our daily lives: traffic, cleanliness, security, etc. He did this daily work with the help of our 207 neighborhood council members, to whom I express my sincere thanks. In turn, from 2020 to 2022, Agglomeration also had a brilliant first half year. It adopted an additional 13 municipalities, passed the symbolic threshold of 100,000 inhabitants, and modernized its statutes for a better distribution of responsibilities between member municipalities and the agglomeration. Finally, during these 3 years, he made a lot of efforts to acquire new infrastructures. He launched the Pont de Camélat construction site (I invite you to visit this construction site to see how fast it is going). It has a second Agen-Ouest motorway exit, in service from mid-November 2022, and its Agen-Garonne technology park gained momentum in 2022 with the arrival of major companies from our region (Fonroche Lighting, Bepco, Gozoki, Saur). …)

2020-2022 will be the first half of construction, 2023-2026 will be the second half of quality of life and social relations. We have done a lot of work on our infrastructure. This was necessary for the prosperity of our “little Agen homeland”. We conclude by mobilizing on the main date of our interest: 2032: arrival of the LGV in Agen. It is up to us to bring out two new strengths in this second half. The first is the ecological and climatic transition, and the second is the quality of the social bond between Agenais and Agenais. Following the ecological and climate transition compass means first of all greening our urban area, our schoolyards, as well as our avenues, avenue Jean Jaures, avenue Jean Bru or even the new Gravier car park. It also means changing our habits: turning off public lighting at night or even considering organizing waste collection. These are divisive topics that will take time for everyone to adapt and adapt, but it is the only way to meet the energy, financial and environmental challenges we face.

I also hope that the year 2023 will be our progress in the attention we show to each other. I invite you to make 2023 the year we collectively pay more attention to our neighbors and our elders. A great year with more connections. On behalf of the municipal council, I congratulate each of you, every Agenaise, the new year 2023 for every Agenais. Happy New Year to your families, Happy New Year to your projects.

PS: A special wish for our SUA: make us happy… we want you in the Top 6!

Christine Bonfanti-Dossat, Senator of Lot-et-Garonne

Christine Bonfanti Dossat

Laurent Cluchier

2022 will be a year of upheaval in which the unthinkable will happen: war in Europe. In our country, 2022 was also a presidential year in a context marked by energy crisis, inflation and growing insecurity. In the Senate, 2022 has been a year of commitments: commitments in favor of territories and closeness to elected officials; and a commitment to a budget trajectory that is more respectful of public finances. In 2023, the Senate intends to fully assume its constitutional role as a lawmaker and oversee the Government. Our course is independence and autonomy. Our hill line, the interest of the country. We are the main counter-power that implements debate and pluralism in the service of all.

2023 should be a year for the big meeting: the year of real decentralization that has always been expected, that is, a year for local freedoms. While writing these lines, I also think of our caregivers, teachers, policemen, gendarmes, and soldiers whom we owe to them with their exemplary activities in public service. I express my sincere gratitude to them. Finally, I hope that 2023 will also be a year of reforms. Some will not be easy. I am thinking in particular of the pension reform. But they are essential to maintaining the balance of our social model. 2023 should be a year of commitment and sincerity.

I wish all the Lot-et-Garonnais, health workers, workers, artisans, merchants, business leaders, local elected officials, the press and all living forces in general, as well as their families, the best wishes for this new year.

Jean-Pierre Moga, Senator of Lot-et-Garonne

Jean Pierre Moga

Jean Pierre Moga

Camille Groc

With Carole Roire replacing me, we extend our best wishes to every Lot-et-Garonnaise and Lot-et-Garonnais for this new year of 2023. Unfortunately, after a year in which no one has been spared from difficulties, both in a complex context. Internationally and nationally, my thoughts go first to the poorest and most affected among you.

The health crisis, the war conflict in Ukraine, inflation and the energy crisis have disrupted our daily lives. The economic situation has become particularly bad and is weakening many companies, artisans, traders, farmers, workers, pensioners, local authorities… Even though there are many uncertainties and worries for the coming new year, we send you our best wishes. courage, but above all our most sincere wishes for good health and success in your projects.

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