The government is going back to school with its first Cabinet in 2023

Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti and Minister for Ecological Transition and Territorial Union Christophe Bechu leave the Elysée Palace after their weekly meeting on October 12, 2022. (©AFP/Archives/Ludovic MARIN)

Emmanuel Macron takes office on Wednesday, January 4, 2023 The first Council of Ministers of 2023The opportunity to strengthen the troops before the firing test in retreats, on which the turn of the second five-year term of the head of state will partly depend.

Council of Ministers at 10:00.

As every year, at the beginning of January, members of the government will go to Place Beauvau for a traditional school-going breakfast at the Ministry of the Interior, hosted by Gerald Darmani.

Elizabeth Borne, who is familiar with the meeting since she was the Minister of Transport, Environment or Labor, will close the march at 8:50 am this time as the head of government.

At 10 o’clockthe government team will then go to the Elysee Palace, directly opposite, to send their wishes to Emmanuel Macron and then attend the Council of Ministers.

Against the backdrop of pension reforms

Get out of the presidential election moratorium in early 2022. The outgoing president has since been re-elected. But make a way uncertainty The war in Ukraine and its many geopolitical, economic and financial consequences is much bigger.

And the first big mortgage at the beginning of the year, pension reform On January 10 to the French, then on the 23rd in the Council of Ministers in the National Assembly and possible sling on the street.

Confirming that 2023 will be the year of reforms on December 31, the head of state called on his compatriots to “unite” in order not to surrender to the “spirit of division in Azerbaijan”. such difficult days”.

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A government that “shows unity”.

For this school-going meeting, “there will definitely be a willingness to demonstrate a unity“A government that works behind the president’s back,” predicts Anne-Charlene Bezzina, professor of public law at the University of Rouen.

Nothing ever gets done in this matter. Emmanuel Macron already has cut off Several times in recent weeks, ministers have been thought to have failed in line, such as the crisis at service stations in the fall or the threat of power outages in the winter.

French President Emmanuel Macron in front of the Elysee Palace in Paris, October 13, 2022.
French President Emmanuel Macron in front of the Elysee Palace in Paris, October 13, 2022. (©AFP/Archives/Emmanuel DUNAND)

He also didn’t hold back on certain personal ambitions, which sometimes became overblown when he couldn’t represent himself in 2027. Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire could thus feel like a target.

Emmanuel Macron may focus on future projects. Important presidential statements are expected on Friday healthcare systemespecially on the verge of exploding in pediatrics.

Towards a compromise on pensions?

At retirement age, trade unions and oppositions move to the wind 64 or 65 years old compared to 62 now.

On Tuesday, Elisabeth Borne confirmed that the government does not “totem” 65 years. compromise.

If the cursor stops at 64, Emmanuel Macron will have a good time remembering that he raised the possibility in the spring. “It’s not a bad president against a good prime minister,” a member of the majority assures, while others have been able to describe a head of state on a firmer line than Elisabeth Thicke in recent weeks.

New mobilizations?

From mid-January, everyone’s eyes will be riveted social climate. Will the French take to the streets en masse to denounce pension reform? The country will be paralyzed blows ?

“Large-scale crises generally occur not when the population is at its worst, but rather when its morale is somewhat elevated,” says Anne-Charlene Bezzina.

Even if anger and tension “come together,” “a tiny spark ignites a flame,” “unexpectedly,” “there we are more in the trough of the wave, the atmosphere is gloomy, people are a little suffocated. Negative information,” he told AFP. This is the entire bet of the executive power.

Source: © 2023 AFP

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