Retrospective: these three municipalities of Lauragais experienced a political storm in 2022

Municipal councils in Villefranche-de-Lauragais were the source of much tension in 2022. And it started in January with this exchange between former mayor Bernard Barjou and his deputy, Jean-Luc Gaxieu. (©Paul Halbedel – Voice of South Lauragais)

the Daily life in a municipality is rarely a long, calm river. And sometimes it can apply the storm as in some municipalities Lauragais during the last 12 months.

In Villefranche-de-Lauragais, Lanta and Avignonet-Lauragais, this mess is even change of mayor, just two and a half years after the mandate began. Back to these municipal series who has (almost) nothing to envy the dark baron.

Civil war in Vilfranche-de-Lauragais

To whom Villefranche-de-Lauragais2021 ended with a press conference between Christmas and New Year, initiated by 14 members of the municipal majority, at which time the mayor called, Bernard Barjou, to resign. A preview of the scenario that will happen in 2022 in the political scene of the municipality. And the soap opera will be full of episodes.

The first meeting of the municipal council of the year is held on January 18. scoring A disagreement arose between the mayor and several group members. Later, Bernard Barjou confirmed his desire to remain in office waving the threat of municipal council dismissal if the majority of elected officials were prevented from fulfilling their mission by not voting on some debates such as the budget. All of them are under the bewildered eyes of the municipal opposition, which condemns the heavy atmosphere prevailing over the council meetings and the impasse.

Mayor Bernard Barjou saw several members of his majority oppose him in 2022.
Mayor Bernard Barjou saw several members of his majority oppose him in 2022. (©Paul Halbedel – Voice of South Lauragais)

If the budget is finally approved by all members of the majority after three months In May, the conflict starts again with the decision to punish several deputy mayors by expelling their delegations for “betrayal of trust”. A few days later, when others opposed to the mayor announced they would leave their delegations, the same elected officials decided to resign from their parliamentary functions.

Several resignations will follow in the majority team that led to the mayor’s announcement at the end of August. organization of the upcoming new municipal elections since the number of vacancies is high. Two lists are presented during this election period : the first led by a minority leader Valerie Rude – Led by three deputy mayors loyal to Bernard Barjou and a former first deputy. Lina Peak – surrounded by several elected officials who distanced themselves from the mayor after being part of his majority.

There is no appeal of the ballot box decision on Sunday, November 20. Valery Ruden’s team won the municipal elections with 65.87% of votes.. The latter was elected mayor of Villefranche-de-Lauragais the following Saturday, almost a year after the first tensions in the old majority became public.

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Shortly after the election of Valérie Grafeuille-Roudet.
Valerie Rude was elected mayor of Villefranche-de-Lauragais on November 26. (©©©Paul Halbedel – Voice of Midi Lauragais)

Lanta: justice condemns the mayor

on the side tape, citizens also experienced a change of mayor in 2022. Even if the reasons for this change are very different. The year 2022 began there, as the previous year ended. In March, the city council voted by secret ballot to recall Florence Ranz, Nadine Sova and Christophe Gay from their assistantships. By the end of October 2021, Mayor Mark Mengaud had already drawn his delegation from these three elected officials.

However, in September, new political upheavals took place at the municipal level, this time on court grounds. early October Mark Mengaud was sentenced by the courts to six months of conditional imprisonment and three and a half years of imprisonment. charging illegal interest in the matter of the shed built by his nephew Serge Buscatel on agricultural land, but then assigned to industrial activity. A trial that led to the latter’s ouster as president of the Haute-Garonne Chamber of Agriculture after receiving three years of punishment and noncompliance and a 10-month suspended sentence.

Mark Mengaud was forced to leave his position as the mayor of Lanta.
In October, Mark Mengaud was forced to resign as the mayor of Lanta, which he had held since 1989. (©Paul Halbedel – Voice of South Lauragais)

This sentence was issued with temporary execution, Mark Mengaud, Lanta’s mayor since 1989, was forced to resign despite appealing this decision.

About a month later, the city council met to elect his successor in an internal vote. To everyone’s surprise, the leader of the opposition group, Remy Diaz, was elected mayor with the support of the former mayor’s team members. In this election, he beat two other candidates: former MPs Christoph Guy and Florence Ranz.

Remy Diaz is the new mayor of Lanta.
Remy Diaz is the new mayor of Lanta. (©Paul Halbedel – Voice of South Lauragais)

Avignonet-Lauragais: successive resignations

Finally, for Avignonet-Lauragaisthis series of resignations this led to new municipal elections, as in Villefranche-de-Lauragais. At the beginning of 2022, he presided over the municipal council Isabelle Haybrard Danieli after eight resignations last year, only 17 of the 19 members remained in the majority team.

The carnage continued in the heart of summer with the resignations of the first and second deputies of the municipality, Gerard Izard and Lydie Sourdouyre, on July 19. In an interview with us a few days later, Isabelle Haybrard justified Daniel’s separation of his two right arms. “Harmful climate” and “pressure” around the municipal council.

Isabelle Haybrard Danieli, who was elected mayor in 2020, will not reach the end of her mandate.
Isabelle Haybrard Danieli, who was elected mayor in 2020, will not reach the end of her mandate. (©Paul Halbedel – Voice of South Lauragais)

In particular, he accuses his opposition of media coverage of the inauguration. Judicial review of the municipality’s photovoltaic park expansion project because of his suspicion charging illegal interest and possible it is fake in the administrative document. In November, several members of the municipal team elected in 2020 will be placed under police custody.

Meanwhile, at the end of July, the four opposition members elected in the municipal 2020 and all the members on their list choose to resign collectively in order to provoke new municipal elections in turn.

Sunday, November 9
On October 15, Patricia Malmaison was elected mayor of Avignonet-Lauragais. (©Paul Halbedel – Voice of South Lauragais)

These occur on Sunday, October 9, with the victory of the list led by the former leader of the opposition. Patricia Malmaison, with just over 65% of the vote. The latter approves the tricolor scarf next Saturday, while the outgoing mayor has chosen that day to leave his seat on the opposition benches, announcing his resignation from the municipal mandate.

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