LIVE – Pensions: Macron asks his ministers not to “give in to the professionals of fear”.

Ahead of the pension reform, Macron asked his ministers not to “give in to the professionals of fear”.

For the first Council of Ministers of 2023, Emmanuel Macron sent a message to the government.

According to BFMTV, the president said: “We must not surrender to the professionals of misfortune and the magic of sad souls.

Elisabeth Borne, for her part, asked the members of the government to “resist the headwinds”.

Matignon’s entrance has been painted over by environmental activists

Last Renovation activists covered Matignon’s door with paint this Wednesday afternoon, in the middle of the government’s back-to-school day. The method aims to denounce “government climate inaction”.

Here we explain to you what this collective is, which has increased civil disobedience actions in recent months.

“Who could have predicted the climate crisis?”: For Veran, Macron is “fully aware” of global warming

The president was widely criticized after he asked “who could have predicted the climate crisis” during his swearing-in.

“Our President of the Republic and our ministers are fully aware of global warming,” Olivier Veran said in a press briefing.

“If you have a hard job, you’ll retire sooner,” promises Olivier Verana.

The executive power wants to be reassured by January 10 and the presentation of the pension reform.

“If you have a hard job, you will retire sooner,” said a government spokesman.

Veran raises ‘legitimate concern’ over strong Covid wave in China

Olivier Veran justified the implementation of tests on French territory for travelers from China, raising “legitimate concern” in the face of a strong epidemic following the cancellation of measures related to the Zero policy. Country covid.

“This is a common-sense measure to protect our fellow citizens and we are taking it without batting an eyelid,” a government spokesman said.

For the first Council of Ministers of the year, Macron asked ministers to “stay connected to the French”.

The government is trying to ease the tension just days before the announcement of the pension reform.

“The president asked us to be brave and listen to the French,” assured Olivier Vera.

Members of the European Parliament will work on pension reforms in early February

Olivier Veran clarified the timetable for the pension reform this Wednesday morning. Deputies will take over the text “at the beginning of February”.

“The law will be adopted by the first half of the year,” the government spokesman said.

For ministers to return, Elisabeth Borne asks the government to “resist the headwinds”.

For the first Council of Ministers of the year, Elisabeth Borne called on the government to “resist the headwinds” in a burning social context.

“The risk of layoffs is about to decrease”: assures Veran at the first press briefing on the start of the academic year

Olivier Veran starts his first press briefing of the year.

“The latest indicators are quite reassuring,” the government spokesman said, considering that “the risk of power outages has decreased.”

“Villages can explode”: why is the government rushing to help bakers?

Accused by the opposition of not doing enough, the government is stepping up measures to help struggling bakeries.

While the return to social life promises to be at high stakes amid pension reform and the call for yellow vests, the executive wants to avoid a combination of discontent.

Here’s why Bersi keeps a close eye on the bakers’ file.

Back to school: After breakfast at Home Affairs, ministers head to the Elysee

Following a tradition started in 1982 under Gaston Deferre, ministers shared coffee and croissants at the Ministry of the Interior. They walk to the Elysée, a few meters away from the Place Beauvau, for the first Council of Ministers.

Pensions, immigration, inflation, energy… The timetable for the government’s explosive back-to-school

The executive power is preparing to meet the month of January under very high tension. Elisabeth Borne, who received part of the trade unions on Tuesday and continues consultations today, will present the pension reform next week, which will mobilize the social partners.

Before trying to persuade on immigration and energy, two politically highly incendiary subjects amid record price increases.

If you haven’t been following the explosive files that await the government, here we summarize everything.

On their way back, the ministers breakfast at the Place Beauvau before joining the Elysées

Meeting again after a few days off for the Christmas break, members of the government started the day at Place Beauvau for a traditional school-going breakfast at the Ministry of the Interior, hosted by Gerald Darmani.

At 10am, the government team will then go to the Elysee Palace opposite to send their wishes to Emmanuel Macron and later attend the Council of Ministers.

Finally, Olivier Veran will give the first press briefing of the year, where he will discuss the issue of pensions, whose reforms will be announced on January 10.

Hello to everybody

Welcome to this lively politics of January 4th to bring the government back to school.

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