Key statements by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne on franceinfo

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09:31 : This is how the interview with Elisabeth Borne at Franceinfo ends. You’ve read it, heard it, and seen it: provided. Here’s a quick summary of what to remember.

09:38 : Postponement of tax and social security payments is not just for bakers, confirms Elisabeth Borne. All businesses are affected by rising energy prices.”they can get support to pay their bills.” Therefore, managers of bars or restaurants may also require this system.

09:37 : Born in April 1961, Elisabeth Borne will avoid the pension reform for two months. Doesn’t he think he should lead by example? “If it was just me, why not. But you see, I’m not sure it’s very well received going backwards.”

09:16 : 🗣 Strike in transport➡️ “What the president is asking is that the exercise of the right of a few to strike does not penalize millions of French people,” said Elisabeth Borne, “asking the management of companies to ensure better continuity of public works” service” /ZnaUbORi1Z

09:17 : Elisabeth Borne had a few words about the strike affecting trains during the holiday season. The prime minister asks “To the management of companies to ensure better sustainability of public service”.

In the strike of general practitioners, the head of government rules this movement “irresponsible”.

09:07 : Elisabeth Borne now answers questions live from internet users, listeners and franceinfo viewers. Here are his answers watch the live video here or on live radio.

09:29 : “We think we’ll peak at the beginning of the year and it’ll come down.” Elizabeth Borne says. “We will keep the tariff shield for gas and electricity”of these “principle” will be kept “until the end of the year“.

09:32 : After the pension reform bill and unemployment insurance, we are now dealing with inflation. In this regard, and in response to the question about bakers, Elisabeth Borne asks companies in the energy sector “To allow companies that have difficulty spreading invoice payment in the first months of the year.” In addition, the Prime Minister announces that he will establish“Deferral of payment of taxes and social security contributions.”

08:53 : This draft decree, which changes the rules of compensation, was announced on the eve of Christmas. It provided for a 40% reduction in the compensation period if unemployment was below 6%. A tightening that annoyed the social partners, but testified to the government’s strategy.

08:49 : Elisabeth Borne announced that the 40% reduction in the compensation period has been canceled if unemployment is below 6%. #UNEMPLOYMENT

08:47 : 🗣 Minimum pension € 1,200 ➡️ “My priority is that active people who have to work a little more benefit from this revaluation”, says Elisabeth Borne. “There will be discussion” about extending it to current retirees.

08:47 : my priority Elisabeth Borne says, It is the active people who have to work a little more who benefit from this revaluation.”

08:46 : “The President of the Republic said this while taking the oath. We want the reform to enter into force at the end of this summer.”

08:42 : “There are other solutions, He assures the Prime Minister. We will not go beyond 43 years of contribution. (…) No one will have to work for 47, 48 years.”

08:44 : Raising the legal retirement age to 65 “not a totem”, Elizabeth Bourne promises. #pensioners

08:42 : The first topic discussed: pension reform. Can he still act before the presentation a week from now? “of course”recalling his answer, he reminds that the Prime Minister will receive his social partners from this morning and tomorrow. We always listen to questions, observations and comments.”

08:37 : Elisabeth Borne’s interview begins now. You can watch it live on video here or live on the radio there. LThe prime minister will do for an hour, answer questions from journalists Salia Brakhlia and Mark Fauvelle, then from Internet users, listeners and viewers.

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