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Anyone who has closely followed the life of the Catholic Church in France can only note that it no longer knows where it lives, and the result is a decline in the number of Catholics.

At the end of each evening’s TVLibertés newspaper, François de Lochner intervenes with a caustic chronicle that scrutinizes political, economic, social and cultural news.

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Great Confusion in the Church

And Elon Musk?

Will modern art strike again?

Fraud your majesty

Let’s not forget Lola

Brave man

Fear of France

How many are injured?

Hats off, Guillaume Peltier!

Football, the new world religion

To talk in vain

We never get tired of Germany

European elite, really?

For the attention of our viewing friends

Invade Hungary?

Around the little ones

Humble Germany

Saint-Brevin, dark plain

Bad, stylish and shocking word

Beating the journalist

A slight burning smell

Mayotte Laboratory

They are the honor of France

Minister and sex

Mohamed here and there

Darmanin, nothingness makes a man

A great game

The schoolboys killed me

My friend

Republicans, them again

Angelica Carlos Bilongo

Republicans, again and again

His Majesty Figaro

How beautiful, love!

Sandrine Rousseau, Associate Professor of Letters

Manu is the Mozart of diplomacy

2 plus 7 equals 4

From Lola to Fournas

Usual racism at Versailles

Evidence of Armenia

Sweden can surprise

The United States and morality

Sciences Po and diversity

This is Sandrine Le Roussy

Islamization through clothing

Full throttle

Algeria France

America’s Democrats are on the run

A great replacement, a myth?

to the Islamic Republic of Germany

Admirable family man

Let’s cheat to get rich!

A lie can kill us

Humiliation is ugly

Sobriety be damned!

Fion and the war in Ukraine

The occupation of the Hôtel de Ville in Paris

Do Total’s leaders still have their reasons?

Are Catholics Catholic?

Good old global warming!

As long as there are men…

Towards an educational dictatorship

Wind turbines for everyone

An anecdote about a health crisis

Racist France

Reasons for hope

Pope Francis, the unlikely sovereignist

These leaders who rule us

Is Sweden waking up?

Does Macron represent France?

A model for Callac, France

A nice attack

Immigration, again and again

Puy-du-Fou, corner of paradise

A little economics lesson

Macronic asset: defensive advice

National education is sinking

Poland wants compensation

death without treatment

The devil in the flesh

Finally a good knife!

France was disarmed

The abortion in question

Delfraissy flipped his jacket

Should Macron be interned?

A massacre of peace and love

Fresnes prison is better than Disneyland

Macron would be smart

Get some rest (deserved?)!

What to do with his money?

Deadly sidewalks

Nuclear waste, the problem?

Justice reigns supreme in Essonne

The nonsense of history

A McKinsey-style European Parliament

These clamps that control us

Julie Berthollet, irrigated sprayer

Fall of the LRs, episode 98742

Is there a pope on the plane?

Twilight dawn

The horror at Poitiers

Have fun at Saclay

A war to hide everything from me

Terrible drama

War in small steps

Sanitary dictatorship, return

Wild troops

The German unconscious

Burner Pyron in the refrigerator

How far will the sworn Church of France go?

The dementia of boho environmentalists

Insufficient Brexit

Inflation Storm Warning

A relentless rise in interest rates

Muslim dictatorship in Britain

The victory of the media dictatorship

Satanic political-media system

Foresight is to be wise

Disneyland in all states

Belgium, the light of the future world

Requiem for a bachelor

The truth comes out of Trump’s mouth

Stade de France is truly French

The madman of Paris

Pornography, only for children

Dream spokesperson

A slap while dancing

infamous justice

Who wants war?

All at Putin in Canossa

Macron is forever crushing France

Dubai, paradise for Latifah

India, a model for the world

Zemmour, Pétain and historical truth

An act of aggression, peace and love

A little freedom of expression, again

Macron, the Mozart of finance

BHL in meat

The printer will remain operational

For our Jean D’Arc, France

Take it out, terrible expression

What happened to Peugeot?

Thanks viewers!

Side effects of covid vaccine

How did we get here?

University, left

Caste of untouchables

Are there any Catholic pilots on board?

A better life in Nogaro

An interesting reflection on the poor

And here we go again

D-Day in two days…

The devil lurks in the screens

The creation of the ruble

How far will the president go?

Poor LR poor misery

Darman’s Austerlitz by Bonaparte

About the Macron Assassin

Putin’s financial revolution

Catholic voters are fleeing

Oh, how wonderful is my justice!

About the political-media lie

When wind turbines go to sleep

Which union according to what power?

Joyful projection

It will hurt!

Evidence by note

About scoring candidates

Summary of candidate programs

Zemmour on the podium

Second in class

Valerie gets stuck

Mélenchon is like the stars

Macron, last of the class

What are presidential programs worth?

What about bitcoin?

The invasion of Europe

President of Hidalgo

Ukraine, Macron, Marion

Trance, again and again

Donald has not said the last word

Israel was caught red-handed

Long live positive discrimination

Two women of the future

Request the program

Big Lies

The new fighting sport of the Separatists

Valery swimming

I rally, he rallies

Who dares to support Zemmor

A happy spitter

His Majesty Putin

decisive first round

The said RSA

The medical scandal of the century

A fortune of fortune

French police

Malta, a complicated little island

Raoult, scientists and scientists

A bit of political fiction

he abused his old age

Bourdin is dead alive

Biden-Putin unequal duel

Marion turns things upside down

Wind turbines again and again

Sciences-po adrift

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