GET ALL – How will the new €100 fuel subsidy work?

With the discount ending at the start of 2023, the government wants to target low-income workers with a new €100 fuel allowance.

At midnight on December 31, 2022, the current government discount of 10 cents per liter of fuel will end. But with fuel prices remaining high (despite the declines in recent weeks), the government has chosen to target aid for this cost item in this inflationary period as planned.

Initially intended as “big wheel assistance”, compensation will eventually become more general. Who will have the right to this? How much will it be? How to touch it? BFM Business informs you about this new help.

• How much will the amount be?

The new fuel allowance will not be income-related like other social benefits. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced that the “cheque” will be 100 euros for all those entitled.

• Who will be eligible?

You need to take advantage of it car owner, there is work and to be in the top five income decilesi.e. the poorest 50% of French car owners.

For this last point, the reference tax revenue (RFR) of 2021 will be taken into account. Must be less than 14,700 euros during the last year. Specifically, the following will be eligible for this assistance:

  • A single person declaring an RFR of less than €1,314 per month in 2021
  • A couple with one child declaring an RFR of less than €3,285 per month in 2021
  • Single woman with two children declaring an RFR of less than €3,285 per month in 2021
  • A couple with two children declaring an RFR of less than €3,941 per month in 2021
  • A couple with three children declaring an RFR of less than €5,255 per month in 2021

Both self-employed and civil servants will be entitled to it.

Owners of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are also affected by this assistance, as are two-wheelers.

According to Matinho, this aid should cover a total of 10 million people. As stated, there will be no minimum mileage or minimum distance from work required to receive this assistance.

• How to take advantage of it?

The request should be made from the beginning of 2023. A special place will be placed on the government website

You will need to enter your tax number, your car number plate and make a sworn statement that this benefit will be used to fund travel between your home and work.

After the request is approved, 100 euros will be transferred to the taxpayer’s bank account in the following days.

• When will the bonus be paid?

The special location will be posted online on the site on January 16, 2023 Beneficiaries will receive their €100 payment eight days later, said Bruno Le Maire this Thursday, December 8. RMC.

• Can a family get 200 euros?

Yes, this is individual assistance and not for every home. In other words, if a couple within a family meets the income and activity criteria and owns two cars, the two members will receive €100 each.

• Why 100 euro aid?

The government’s idea is to extend the 10 cent discount at the pump, but only for the humble French. 100 euros in gold equals a 10-cent discount per 1,000 liters of fuel purchased. A car that consumes 6 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers can theoretically travel 16,600 kilometers with 1000 liters.

Knowing that a gasoline-powered car travels an average of 9,000 kilometers a year, and a diesel 14,000 kilometers, this assistance can be compared with a discount of 10 centimeters per liter for more than a year.

• What expenditure is required for public finance?

Elisabeth Borne estimated the total cost of this aid at RTL this morning at one billion euros “maximum”. According to Gabriel Attal, the amount is lower than the originally planned budget for this event, which will be around 1.5 billion euros.

• Will the unemployed benefit from the aid?

No, not even retirees. This assistance will only benefit employees who have a job. Jobseekers already have special assistance through France Travail to cover travel expenses necessary for job hunting, we note on the Matignon side.

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