Covid-19: a report blasts the government over its handling of the health crisis

This is a “confidential” report submitted to the investigation of the Court of Justice of the Republic, which is supposed to determine whether members of the government are responsible for the management of the health crisis related to Covid-19. At first it was supposed to be just a “retex”, a review, but the content decided otherwise.

The last one, established between the end of June 2020 and November 2020, which our colleagues from Paris were able to consult, reveals what members of the government are particularly reproached for: the lack of masks, the activation of the inter-ministerial crisis. Delay of March 2020 municipal elections or even March 2020 municipal elections. Our colleagues talk about a “damning” observational report, which explains why they use “other methods” that are “proven to be effective”.

“Small size” crisis management team

In this report, we especially learn that the crisis center is mainly formed from March 10, 2020. “mass reinforcement” Volunteers, volunteer staff is definitely immature and dominated “nameless market”according to Parisian. The diary records a general lack of vision “repeat actions” or even a “lack of support for certain themes”… In March 2020 and June 2020, Igas identified “More than 25 different flow chartsfrom the crisis center.

By mid-March, the direction of operations was entrusted to Director General of Health (DGS) Jerome Salomon. However, by profession, the infectious disease specialist combines three different functions and quickly becomes overwhelmed. “One person cannot perform such heavy duties”, Watch out for IGAS agents

Lack of masks

The lack of masks quickly became a point of tension at the start of the health crisis. Question “emerged quickly in the center”. as always ParisianThe report notes that Santé Publique France, which is responsible for the supply, storage and distribution of masks, is also “little” about the problem: “the agency does not have the buying teams nor the logistics skills to operate in the Chinese markets in particular”it is mentioned in the report.

An inter-ministerial logistics unit has been established to assist the health authority. But according to the report, the relationship between this unit and the SPF quickly became very strained and the organization of operations became very thin.

Neglected nursing homes

In addition to the mask management fiasco, the management of the outbreak in nursing homes has also been problematic. The report highlights that when Jérôme Salomon sent a note on the activities of the health crisis center on January 30, 2020… it would not be sent to the DGCS, the General Social Administration Office, the body responsible for institutions for the elderly. unity. A few times nursing homes will be forgotten in reports or guides.

Two crisis cells, the ministry and the DGCS, were in charge of managing the situation and were directed to conduct a mass screening at Ehpad by April 6, the peak of the epidemic. It was judged precisely about these instructions sent to Ehpad “too many, hard to read and in some cases not applicable”.

French scientific research

As everywhere, there is confusion in national scientific research. The report states that SPF is not working “the role of coordination of expertise expected in relation to legal missions”, Noting that many projects have not been completed, he was hired due to not having enough patients. Only “2.5% of hospitalized patients participated in clinical trials”In contrast, IGAS cites the British Recovery study, which involved 15,000 patients and was achieved. “particularly interesting results”.

In this report, 32 recommendations were made by agents of the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs. Will they be persecuted? The expert tells our colleagues, “The site has been delayed due to difficulties.” As for the government, there is no reaction. “That’s the report I want. I’m not going to deny it.”reacted the then Minister of Health, Olivier Veran, in a press conference this Wednesday, January 4. “It is necessary, it is normal. Fortunately, we want this kind of evaluation”, – he said and did not give any explanation.

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