Buzyn, Veran, Philippe… secret report overturns government on handling of Covid

Unpublished report of the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs (Igas) covering July-October 2020 the Parisian, concludes that the Government’s handling of the Covid crisis has been heavily criticized. “Lack of preparation,” “disorganization” and a “difficult to read” decision-making cycle”…no actor is spared.

It contains 205 pages and is stamped “confidential”. The report of the General Inspectorate for Social Affairs (IGAS) covering the period from mid-July to November 2020 has just been released by our colleagues in Azerbaijan. Parisian. The lengthy document, commissioned by Olivier Vera when he was Health Minister, was intended to “prepare for an administrative decision” and identify the “successes, challenges and shortcomings” revealed by Covid. It should also serve to “draw constructive, collective and transparent lessons” in the event of a resurgence of the epidemic.

“Their observations are overwhelming, almost clinical: lack of preparation, disorganization and a ‘hard to read’ decision-making scheme… We understand why Avenue de Segur hoped that this audit would never be made public!”, makes fun of our colleagues. Indeed, Igas clearly sweeps all players.

He first points the finger at the crisis center. In mid-February 2020, when the epidemic started in our land, the crisis center was working thanks to the reinforcement of volunteers. Agents state “without any precision of the necessary skills”. Parisian, will be called from other administrations and will be set from March 10, 24 hours before the WHO classifies Covid as a “global pandemic”. As for the Operation Center for Health and Social Contingency and Response (Corruss), it was launched at the end of January, but with only 11 agents.

Igas also notes that the Director General of Health, Professor Jerome Salomon, has taken on three functions at this time: strategic management, scientific management and crisis operations management. For inspectors, this results in overloading the DGS. They say it is “essential” to create a “truly ministerial” crisis center with reinforcements “previously appointed and trained in crisis management,” the paper says. Especially since the inter-ministerial camera, which can be activated at the beginning of crises, was activated only on March 17, that is, during the first arrest.

In his article, Parisian also note “Get your name on the market” about the activity of the health crisis center. “The organization of crisis management was so fragmented that during the mission no actor, regardless of their hierarchical level, had a clear and comprehensive view of it. This lack of common vision has led to overlapping activities and lack of support for some subjects, especially expectations,” Igas writes.

More problematically, the role of operations management is not specified in the public service organization scheme. Therefore, from the beginning of March to the beginning of June, there was a proliferation of “dedicated” cells such as communication, uncertain audience, logistics, masks, in total more than 25 organizational charts were calculated.

As for the masks, the question quickly arose “centrally”, according to the inspectors, the Public Health France (SpF) agency responsible for the purchase, storage, distribution and transport was not at all prepared. The agency “did not have the buyer groups that could operate in the Chinese markets in particular, nor the logistical skills to start a company. supply chain in an extremely short time.” While there is a difficult “information exchange” between government agencies, they note that the SpF did not understand that a logistics hub had applied to add a second airlift between China and China. France to provide for the French. “While caregivers in hospitals are sorely short of personal protective equipment, including these precious elastic headbands, the two government agencies are at loggerheads.”finally the Parisian notes.

To this day, Agnès Buzyn is accused of “endangering the health of others”. Former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe is under witness status. Olivier Veran, who is still in government, is also the target of the investigation.

[avec Le Parisien] 

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