Advertising of civil service job offers: government reminds of new rules

The Ministry of Transformation and the Civil Service establish new conditions and restrictions on the obligation to publish job creation and vacancy notices on a special platform.

In a circular published by the end of 2022, the Ministry of Transformation and the Civil Service detail the procedures for implementing the obligation to advertise job offers in the digital space common to the three functions. (PEP).

Details to come following the publication of a decree in April 2022 that modifies and expands this obligation.

Extension for “support functions”.

In its circular, the Government thus reminds that this publication obligation is particularly “ state offices, regions, departments, municipalities and their public institutions “and that’s about it” creation or vacancies of permanent full-time or part-time jobs filled by civil servants or contract workers for an indefinite or fixed period “.

From April 21, 2022 onwards, new features include “ support functions » also refers to functional areas such as procurement, budget and financial management, public policy direction and management, communication, digital and human resources common to the three public services (RMFP). For this reason, the circular states that regardless of the authorities that do not belong to the area of ​​earlier exemptions.

Regarding contract vacancies, it is reminded that ” only contracts concluded for a period of one year or more are subject to the publication obligation “.

The Ministry notes that, outside of these obligations, administrations ” may widely publish all vacancies under public law on a common platform. But it warns that there is ” no profession » to send job offers Employment under the contracts provided for in the Labor Code, including from state employers (employment of apprentices by employers in the non-industrial and commercial public sector, salaried jobs by state industrial and commercial enterprises) “. Lesser apprenticeship contracts or internships, these should be posted on the “Place of Learning and Experience” (PASS).

The minimum period is one month

The presentation also states that it is necessary to publish job offers without delay “about “Public Employment Place”. Therefore, public employers should no longer organize an initial internal publication within the framework of mobility management. to initially request applications from employees already in their departments for the jobs they need to fill “.

However, a temporary exemption from publication is granted during a restructuring or reorganization operation. However, this period cannot exceed three months, or even six months in some cases.

Please note that all vacancy announcements published on the platform must be open” both civil servants and contractors “Reminds the ministry that the minimum period of publication is one month” except in emergency situations “. To allow the collection of applications. Mandatory information to be provided in job offers is also detailed in the circular.

“We attract candidates again”

Although public employers are obliged to publish their job offers on the “Place de l’emploi public” website common to the entire public service from 2019 (itself the successor of the exchange’s inter-ministerial body for public employment), this was to be, before End of 2022 », website « employer brand of civil service: “Choose Civil Service”, announced by the government at the beginning of the year.

That’s the goal to once again attract candidates to these professions that carry meaning and commitment Amélie de Montchalin, Minister of Transformation and Public Service at the time, explained during the presentation, almost a year ago.

In this sense, the circular emphasizes that these job offers ” attraction vector “for which” Complete information with written quality content “is” highly recommended » (« the fact that the job has management duties », « indication that the position allows for remote work “or” salary range for contract candidates recommended among other things).

Minister of Transformation and Public Services within the framework of strengthening the attractiveness policy [Stanislas Guerini] requests, work will be resumed with employers from all three parties to improve the clarity and quality of vacancy notices. “, the ministry shows.

Download the circular.

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