According to Manuel Bompard, the tension in the LFI stems from a misunderstanding

All is well in the best of worlds. And it’s not the little ones misunderstandings » With rebellious tenors that would worry Manuel Bompard. Invited on RMC / BFMTV on January 3, the deputy of the LFI for Bouches-du-Rhône was questioned about the final organizational plan of La France insoumise, presented to the press on December 10. The organizational scheme that caused the anger of certain rebels in the face of the lack of caciques within the “Coordination”, the governing body of the movement: on the one hand François Ruffin and Clémentine Autain, but also above all the historical and close Jean-Luc Mélenchon Alexis Corbière, Eric Coquerel and Raquel Garrido.

The fired suspect Manuel Bompard and Jean-Luc Mélenchon are responsible. Garrido, for example, objected to it Figaro from maintaining a structure that copied the presidential format with candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon instructing director Manuel Bompar to execute swiftly and competently “. Horse Sunday newspaperit was Clémentine Autain who was worried about something. shelf pluralism “and D'” the problem of democracy in the life of the movement “, democracy in the LFI is an old hobby horse of the deputy of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Serial nitpicking and avoidance

What does Manuel Bompard think about it? the Co-ordinator of La France insoumise operation group “, thus being presented at the beginning of the interview on Tuesday morning, as it has been in all the press since December 10? ” I am not the coordinator of La France insoumise, I am a member of this coordination structure of La France insoumise, which will meet in the next few days and decide how it is organized and to whom it entrusts animation and coordination. »

A Simple Call by Apolline de Malherbe Statement sent to AFP » Announcing the appointment of Bompard to coordination, the latter himself created the back: « No, not at all, not at all. There was no press release, bad news, you will see the AFP dispatch on this matter “. From December 10, the correct claim in form was called “only” coordination members. But the short answer about the substance: it was Bompard himself who made a statement to Agence France Presse on January 8 ” will probably continue to do so as coordinator, he has been undercover since the withdrawal of Adrien Quatennens.

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Don’t panic. The appointment of the coordinator scheduled for the beginning of January will be carried out according to the rules. For example, “ The 21-member organization will, as always, decide within itself how to organize its work. Manuel Bompard rushes to solve before everything else ” asks the question [lui] seems more important rather than internal gang and warrior mechanisms. He assures her: ILa France insoumise has no leader “It’s as if general amnesia has deprived the public of the memory of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the oppressed leader of the movement since its founding in 2016.

“Not against the vote”… but it would be better if we could run away

Criticism addressed by experts? ” I think there have been misunderstandings, and I think there has been information that has been transmitted, distributed and sold in the media that does not correspond to reality. “, he blurts out. Turning expert declarations into mere journalistic fantasy with eights. Certainly not Bompard.” not against voting as he himself said. Coordination will decide within itself. If there are several candidates [au poste de coordinateur] will vote. We will see if there are several candidates. It’s all in the “if”.

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Because on December 9, who declared to Mediapart ” voting is not the alpha and omega of democracy “He has a very specific view of democracy that he still supports on Tuesday morning:” You are entering a form of organization that is not ours. […]Desire [de LFI] in any structure at the national or local level, it is to try to promote positions accepted by consensus as much as possible, to try to create commonality, not to create a gap between the majority and the minorities. “. The antithesis of the congressional bulimia of the Socialist Party, an operation that Jean-Luc Mélenchon wanted to get rid of, either in the Left Party or in La France insoumise, as soon as he left the PS.

In other words, the question of voting and democracy in LFI ” that is not the point “. On the contrary, this is a danger: When we are faced with the situation we are in, which is rising prices, when we are faced with the government’s desire to raise the retirement age to 65, it seems that our responsibility, my responsibility, is our unity and unity. This is certainly not an argument through the media. “Move, there’s nothing to see!

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