Why is Apple so successful?

Apple, formerly known as Apple Computer, is a company founded in 1er April 1976.

Its founders are Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. After 46 years, this company, which started in a garage, has become the largest company in the world with a fortune of approximately 2068.58 billion dollars.

Why is Apple so successful? Read this article to find out.

Apple: The Interesting Founder

If you pay close attention, you will see that great businesses and corporations are created through attractive individuals. For example, there is Bill Gates for Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook, Jeff Bezos for Amazon, Steve Jobs for Apple and Elon Musk for Tesla.

Only these charismatic people embody the company and its values. No business leader embodies the image of a brand better than the iconic face of Steve Jobs. In addition to his skills as a wise speaker and charming personality, he alone represents a cog in the wheel that drives Apple forward.

Despite being ousted by the board of directors in 1985, he returned eleven years later in 1996 and saved Apple from bankruptcy. Thanks to Steve Jobs, revolutionary innovations such as the interface, changing fonts, iPad, iPod were born. His former partners recognize his extraordinary ability to lead his teams with passion and authority.

Apple: High-end products within everyone’s reach

Thanks to its communication strategy, Apple managed to create a real community around its products. The owners of these devices get the impression that they belong to a completely different category, not to mention the elite. This strategy also contributed to good pricing of Apple products.

Even if they are high, almost the entire population can afford them. Indeed, Apple markets products that are both high-end and accessible to as many people as possible (young people, adults, seniors, etc.).

Ease of use

To start the program, move the mouse pointer and double-click on the icon: this seemingly harmless process did not happen in the past. In 1984, Steve Jobs had the idea to market the Macintosh. It is the first computer in history with a graphical interface that will revolutionize computing forever.

Rest assured, ease of use is a key principle when designing Apple products. iOS systems are designed to provide intuitive control, even for those who are not very computer literate. No need to go through the program manager during installation or setup.

All this shows that Apple products are amazingly easy to use and have unprecedented ergonomics. Note that iPhones are shipped worldwide without a manual, but this does not pose a problem for users.

Almost captive customers

Apple has always wanted to keep its customers in its shopping cart. So, in early 2003, the California company set up a user captive system. The latter are then required to use iTunes for any music purchases to combat piracy. That’s not all.

To avoid competition, all music purchased through iTunes will be playable only on iPods. This system is still relevant today. For example, app sharing is not possible on the iPhone. All users must download the software from the App Store to enjoy its features.

Longevity of Apple products

Another reason for the success of Apple products is their longevity. Indeed, they are known to last about 4-5 years. According to the ranking of smartphone brands according to longevity, Apple’s brands take the first place with 137 points out of 200 points.

In short, know that buying an Apple product is a profitable investment. No wonder iPhone users are increasing day by day. In addition, you get updates on a daily basis. These allow you to fix any security vulnerabilities and system errors.

The ability to succeed with external ideas

Despite having made a huge contribution to the evolution of smartphones in the previous decades, the engineers of the California firm did not really invent anything. Instead, they have been able to intelligently use what already exists to innovate and offer public products that meet their needs.

For example, after portable players such as River and Creative, the well-released iPod or Nokia, Sony, etc. We can take as an example the iPhone, which entered the market where phone giants compete.

In short, there are many reasons that explain Apple’s success. You own the longevity of the brand’s products, their ease of use, and their accessibility to the general public. You also have the dynamism of Apple’s founder and the strategy put in place by the firm’s engineers to keep customers engaged.

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