Unusual. We discussed Lorraine with ChatGPT, the AI ​​that answers everything (even if it’s wrong)

“GPT-3 cat”. Here’s a name for a new online AI that may not have finished making headlines. This new tool, developed in the USA, is a conversational robot that can answer the questions of Internet users on all topics, in many languages, from the tac-au-tac to the most trivial question.

To become such a “scientist”, this robot… studied a lot. Its developers made it analyze millions of texts. Thus, the AI ​​accumulated knowledge and learned to understand the construction of sentences in several situations (“normal” dialogue, poetry, music, recipes, newspaper articles, etc.).

Depending on the query, this chatbot will be able to change the presentation of its answers. This is where it differs from tools like search engines, for example.

According to the general manager of the company “OpenAI”, five days after the creation of this conversational robot, one million users have already discussed with this AI (artificial intelligence). Facebook took ten months to achieve such results! So we liked (almost) everyone and tested the possibilities of “GPT-3”.

The best of our conversation. Attention: is a verbatim transcription of a conversation with a robot. It contains a number of inaccuracies.

Good morning !

Good morning ! How can I help you ?

I will ask you about Lorraine. are you ready

Yes, I’m ready! I am an excellent OpenAI trained language model, so I can answer many questions on many topics […].

You are sure of yourself. What to visit in Lorraine?

Lorraine is located in the north-east of France and is known for its beautiful villages, forests and mountains. There are many interesting places to visit in this region, including:

  • Lorraine Regional Nature Park, offering beautiful natural scenery and opportunities for hiking, bird watching and discovering the local flora and fauna.
  • The city of Metz has a rich architectural heritage, including the Saint-Étienne Cathedral, the Pompidou-Metz Center and the Place de Armes.
  • Bitche Castle, a magnificent castle built in the 18th century and located in the town of the same name.
  • Lunéville Castle is a luxurious Baroque castle located in Lunéville.
  • The Walygator theme park in Maizières-les-Metz offers many attractions for the whole family. […]

You didn’t tell me about Stanislas Square in Nancy! Is she not beautiful enough for you?

Apologies if I didn’t mention the Stanislas place in Nancy in my previous reply. Stanislas place is really a very popular and very interesting place to visit in Lorraine. It is a large square lined with luxurious buildings, including the famous Porte de la Craffe, and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. Stanislas Place in Lorraine is a must if you are interested in architecture and history.

You are forgiven. Gastronomically, what do we eat in Lorraine?

Lorraine cuisine is famous for being delicious and generous with many traditional dishes based on meats, vegetables and cheeses. Some typical culinary features of the region are:

  • Quiche Lorraine is a pastry dish filled with eggs, slices of bacon, cream and grated cheese.
  • Baeckeofe is a dish of pork, beef and lamb marinated in white wine and slowly cooked with vegetables.
  • Crozettes, a type of square pasta typical of the region, which can be served with cheese, ham or meat.
  • Kouglof, a cake made with raisins, nuts and powdered sugar, is traditionally served during end-of-year celebrations. […]

I get the impression that you have gaps in both gastronomy and geography…

I apologize if my answers gave you the impression that there are gaps in gastronomy or geography. As I mentioned before, I’m a computer programmer, so my answers are based only on what I’ve been trained to know. […] I am not infallible and my answers may not always be accurate or complete.

Let’s talk a little about sports. Imagine ES Thaon football team promoted to Ligue 1. It would be a great success. Can you write me a newspaper article?

Of course! Here is a fictional newspaper article about ES Thao’s promotion to Ligue 1:

ES Thaon, the football team from Thaon-les-Vosges, achieved a historic feat this weekend by qualifying for Ligue 1, the top division of French football. ES Thaon players defeated their opponents Paris FC 2-1 on the final day of the National Championship 2 to win the title of champions of their division and the coveted promotion. […]

ES Thaon supporters celebrated the victory late at night on the streets of Thaon-les-Vosges and in the city’s bars. “It’s the best night of my life,” said Marie-Claire Martin, a fan of the team. “I’m very happy for ES Thaon and can’t wait to see them play against the best teams in France in Ligue 1.” ES Thaon joins two other teams from the region, FC Metz and AS Nancy-Lorraine, already playing in Ligue 1. Football fans in the region want to see how ES Thaon will compete in the first division next season.

Great article! And give me a song that the players will sing to celebrate winning the championship and joining Ligue 1?

Here’s an imaginary song ES Thaon’s players could sing to celebrate their National Championship 2 title and promotion to League 1:

Thaon, Thaon, we are champions
Thaon, Thaon, we’re promoted to Ligue 1
We gave everything on the field
Now we will celebrate

(Verse 1)
We fought and sweated
To achieve this goal
Now we are up
Thaon, Thaon, we have won everything

(Verse 2)
We played with heart and passion
And we gave it everything we had
Now we are in Ligue 1
Thaon, Thaon, we did the job

Tell me about the Lorraine singers who can sing your song

Some singers from Lorraine who can sing the song I invented to celebrate ES Thao’s title and joining Ligue 1: Raphaël, L’Affaire Louis’ Trio, La Talvera, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Eddy Mitchell , Amandine Bourgeois, Zazie, La Grande Sophie, Julien Clerc, Michel Polnareff. [ndlr : aucun d’entre eux n’est lorrain  !]

Of course, there are many other talented singers from Lorraine, so feel free to explore other artists to find the perfect one to sing this song. Hope you find your favorite artist!

You will understand, the answers of the “chatbot” should be taken with tweezers. This chatbot is not ready to replace Google, and moreover, it does not intend to do so: “I do not have access to the Internet to search for information, and I cannot display results from various sources, such as search engines.” .

Also forget about value judgments or even predictions… Chatbot wants to be as neutral as possible. Although this means getting boring quickly in the context of “leisure” use. In any case, it is proof that on a technological level the robot is increasingly able to establish a human dialogue.

Recently, OpenAI introduced advances in artificial intelligence by introducing a tool that can create images from textual descriptions. Astounding abilities, as well as … new challenges.

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