Gilles Simeoni raises “threats”: first political reactions

During the presentation of his dreams for 2023, Gilles Simeoni spoke about the “dangers” he will be a victim of. It is the first time that the President of the Corsican Executive has publicly referred to such pressure. First reactions from island politicians.

“Despite difficulties, obstacles, sometimes threats, I am confident, calm and determined”. The sentence Gilles Simeoni said in his traditional New Year’s greeting speech does not escape attention. It is the first time that the head of the executive has openly mentioned the pressures he will be subjected to.

Gilles Simeoni, however, does not elaborate on their nature or context “danger”. Contacted, he declined to comment at this time. According to our information, no complaints have been received by the head of the Executive.

After this speech, the first political reactions were not long in coming. Starting with Jean-Christophe Angelini, president of the Avanzemu group in the Corsican Assembly: “I am concerned about the comments about the threats. Considering the identity of the target, I think that it is useful to clarify these comments. It is unacceptable for an elected official, a municipal councilor, the chairman of the executive council or whoever or whoever to clarify these views. , simple as a citizen, even if we discuss a certain number of transgressions today, it can be threatened. This is not acceptable and everything must be said clearly so that we can think together in such a civil and political persecution. an incident.”

For Jean-Martin Mondoloni, president of the opposition group to the Corsican Un soffiu novu Assembly: “What is already known is that he wanted to talk about it with the Corsicans, many of whom listened to him during the presentation of these requests. Now it remains to clarify his thoughts. Are these threats personal or imaginary? These threats against the organization? ?Are these threats mafia type?

Another reaction is that of Core in Fronte leader Paul-FĂ©lix Benedetti.

“Today, society is in a bad state, the hidden threat is in all spheres of society. What is important is not the fact of threat, but knowing that you can make money from threats.

I heard a belligerent president and that reassured me. Unfortunately, today there are those who are cowards, who make secret threats, who do not dare to take on a frontline conflict situation, who make maneuvers. They use parasitic conflicts to manage problems or create unpleasant events.

Society is dangerous, threats are everywhere, but the question that needs to be asked is who the threat involves. He catches the weak. That’s why I think we have to stay strong and consistent, politically and exclusively in the political groove, and then the threats will be threatened.”

Gilles Simeoni spoke decisively on this issue in an extraordinary session of the Corsican Assembly on November 18 dedicated to mafia excesses. Speaking directly to the collectives in the gallery, especially the environmental associations, he said:

“Perhaps we can do better. But as the Chairman of the Executive Council, I do not accept to be stigmatized in this aspect where we are beyond reproach. Because there is a political question beyond the texts and legal technicalities: that is why today I, the Chairman of the Executive Council, when making a decision , be it in the field of urban planning, be it in the field of transport, be it in the field of waste, be it in any field… When I, the elected members of the Presidential Council or the Corsican Assembly vote, is there anyone who comes and says in our ears, mafia or mafia, will you do this? “

I tell you that there is no one to hold my hand, had hit Corsicans, looking at you, I say you can trust me and trust us to always put the common good first..”

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