5 players who are ready to leave Real Madrid

Several Real Madrid players are expected to leave the club, possibly this winter and next summer. AS media lists five people of interest.

The January transfer window promises to be busy in Madrid. Ancelotti summed it up well in his press conference: “Contract extensions? I want to make one thing clear: I have full confidence in everyone until June. Now if they think it’s better to leave, I’ll be happy… for them.”“said the Italian.

As for the leaders of the Merengues, the situation is quite clear: there are five players whose doors are open in this winter’s transfer window. They have the opportunity to stay, but if a good offer comes, there will be discussions.


The forgotten player. The numbers speak for themselves: he is the only one in the entire team who has yet to play. Nothing: There are 0 minutes. Vallejo has 19 and Mariano has 25. There are opportunities for drip, but opportunities. However, it doesn’t count. Carvajal is in the starting lineup and Lucas Vazquez plays in his absence. And the third? Here comes another dilemma: if the club remains committed to Vinicius Tobias, the door will be closed even further. Odriozola is under contract until 2024, so next summer will probably be his transfer.


To proceed or not to proceed is the question. Last summer, Betis went through the same dilemma as they tried to log in and open accounts until they thought the coffers weren’t enough to pay it back. Faced with this, the green-white-blacks are keeping their fingers crossed that he won’t renew, that his contract expires this summer and that they can buy him back for zero. But as AS says Ceballos’ intention is to stay at Madrid, he feels strongly enough to convince Ancelotti. The main lines of the agreement go in this direction, but there is an advantage: if a good offer comes in the winter transfer period, it will be studied. He is the fourth-fewest player in the squad: 209.


Almost the same situation with Ceballos. His contract expires this summer as he decided to leave or not to renew last summer. He feels strong enough to take over on the right wing – where Valverde looks unchallenged – and he wants to stay at Real Madrid. But of course there are months of rumors and negotiations ahead. Marco also felt it coming and chose to change agents, parting “amicably” with Horacio Gaggioli and putting himself in the hands of Jorge Mendes. But whatever his wishes, the club are ready to listen to offers this winter and if anything interesting…


The eternal debate. His contract expires in 2024, so this summer is marked in red on the calendar. The door was open (he played only 130 minutes for Glasgow), but Ancelotti closed the lock during the last press conference: “He trained well and I see him better than before the World Cup. There are so many games ahead. players I will use.” He has six crucial months ahead of him to convince everyone: the leaders, the coaching staff and the supporters. In any case, he is not untouchable and he is also on the market for this winter.


Everything is clear. It is clear: on July 1, he will no longer be a Real Madrid player. He is ready to extend, but the club categorically refuses. His time at Real Madrid is coming to an end, so finding him a destination this winter would mean preventing him from leaving for nil. This would be the solution. But Mariano has always rejected offers from Rayo Vallecano, Celta or Fenerbahce. He wants to stay until the end.

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