The government is developing an interactive map to compare rental prices in France

The Department of Housing has published an interactive map on its website that allows tenants to compare rents with other housing options in their city. A tool that should help those struggling to pay rent at a time when inflation is driving up prices across the board.

Compare houses and apartments for rent anywhere in France

Thinking of renting or want to check if your rent is affordable? Starting Monday, December 26, an interactive map provided by the Department of Housing provides information on prices and fees per square meter of individual rental houses throughout the area.

The map is intended for professionals in this sector, as well as tenants who want a standard calculation of rent in each city of France.

“For the Ministry of Urban and Housing, this allows us to evaluate devices and design tools better adapted to the realities of the areas,” the ministry’s press release claimed.

Specifically, the site allows you to find out the prices per square meter of houses and apartments for rent from private individuals all over France, including fees.

Therefore, it is now possible to accurately compare the prices of houses and apartments. It should be recalled that according to the announcement published on the leboncoin and SeLoger Group platforms in France, according to the National Housing Information Agency (ANIL), the average monthly rent for a house in France is 8.20 euros per square meter, and 9.38 euros for an apartment.

The cheapest rural municipalities to rent

The map tells us that the most expensive apartments (with three rooms or more) are in Neuilly-sur-Seine (29.4 euros per square meter), Paris (28.3 euros) and Levallois-Perret (27.1 euros). By contrast, rents in many rural towns are as high as 5 euros per square meter.

The most expensive rental prices for houses range from 28.4 euros per square meter in Boulogne-Billancourt, Garches, Marnes-la-Coquette, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Vaucresson and Ville-d’Avray to 5.2 euros in many rural communities .

Prices may also vary from property to property in the same city. In Lyon, for example, house rents are €14 per square metre, rising to €14.2 per square meter for apartments with 3 or more rooms, and rising to €17.4 per square meter for one or two-bedroom apartments.

The 48 municipalities divided between the Vosges (88) and Haute-Marne (52) rank last in the housing price ranking, with a price of €5.18 per square meter.

Tenancy stress noted

Rents are highest in some densely populated areas because housing supply cannot keep up with rising demand.

The main reason is the lack of new apartments. Shortages following the resumption of activity following the Covid-19 pandemic have increased the prices of raw materials and materials, thereby increasing the construction costs of new buildings under construction.

“Due to economic reasons, 20% of the projects are no longer produced. Promoters get building permits, but production costs are higher than sales prices,” Pascal Boulaner, president of the French Federation of Real Estate Agents, told La Tribune.

These sometimes high rents, along with the cost of living increase due to inflation, have led to an increase in outstanding rents. A 2022 survey of 193 organizations representing 2.26 million social housing units by USH, which represents HLM landlords, shows that “nearly half” of organizations responding compared to December 2021 (up 10%). recorded a significant increase, the number of tenants more than three months rent arrears.

“Two-thirds of responding HLM organizations reported an increase in the number of households in financial difficulty. The same proportion declares that warning signals of financial difficulties are received,” states the USH.

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