The Glass Onion isn’t about Elon Musk, it’s about our blindness

Rian Johnson’s film aims to show how easy it is for some billionaires to convince people that they are brilliant, just as the public accepts to swallow their arrangements with truth. This article contains some spoilers.

The Glass Onion is the name of the bar where the heroes of our adventure met ten years before they became famous, to investigate and make plans for filming on the comet. This “glass onion” is also the red thread of the plot of Rian Johnson’s film of the same name, which will be released on Netflix on December 23, 2022.

It is an architectural work erected by the multi-billionaire Miles Bron in the center of an island where the plot takes place. In the center of the glass structure overlooking his palace, he has placed his huge office and racing car – even if he can’t use it on site, he “never leaves it”.

In Glass onions, the billionaire’s headquarters is a giant glass onion. // Source: Netflix

Do lies only compel those who believe them?

The transparent onion is, first of all, an exemplary embodiment of our attitude to the powerful, or rather, to them. say. At the heart of the feature film is speech; These will also be the first clues revealed by detective Benoît Blanc (Daniel Craig) who investigates the approximate semantics of Miles Bro at the end of the film: ” This entire day has been a veritable anthology of dirty words and factual errors! “.

There is something fascinating about the gift of oratory, it gives the illusion of truth. If it dares to be said out loud, it must be true. Isn’t it based on this principle that Donald Trump became the head of the world’s most powerful country for four years? The man Elon Musk has managed to portray as a defender of free speech, who silenced more online speech in two months than Twitter teams in 15 years?

Sam Bankman-Fried, similarly, managed to convince serious personalities to invest in his cryptocurrency FTX, playing the part of the poorly dressed little genius admirably. Bill Gates could be next, is highly regarded even in Silicon Valley. It doesn’t matter what the entrepreneur says, as long as one gets the impression that behind layers of eccentricity and self-assurance he hides a formidable intellect.

But what about Kanye West, who spent years making provocative statements, often wallowing in anti-Semitism, and before finally being disavowed by certain brands, has his extravagance nevertheless made him so rich?

It was right in front of me from the beginning “, Benoit Blanc lamented several times.

Daniel Craig runs out of glass onions // Source: Netflix
Daniel Craig is at the end Glass onions. // Source: Netflix

The film is not very thin »

Some of the billionaires we’ve taken to the top of the world are glass onions, Rian Johnson tells us: they stand as monuments to ingenuity, convincing us that their brains work differently, faster, more complex, and we nod. . ” The film is not very subtle, it is about big lies and the power structures in which those big lies are reinforced by people who want to protect their own interests. “, the director entrusted to the world.

Was Elon Musk specifically planning to draw a caricature? ” This is a terrible accident! “, he shouted in the columns of Wired. “ It is not about a specific billionaire “, he added to the world. A feature film written and shot between 2020 and 2021 couldn’t really be inspired by the escapades of Twitter’s new boss, who has been discredited with every new tweet he’s sent since early 2022. But Rian Johnson is well aware of the parallels. [Le film] it’s really relevant now, it’s weird “, he admitted.

Glass onions is one of the films that manages to capture the era at the right time and with the best tone. on the picture Don’t Look Up, almost released on Netflix last year, is not a form-shattering affair, but a moving tale that drives home an idea over two hours. What will we do with it?

The Glass Onion is available on Netflix from December 23, 2022

Source: Edited by Numerama

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