The best photo editing apps for Android

Android devices have become increasingly popular in recent years, and with the increase in popularity, the number of apps available for Android devices has also increased. Photo editing programs for Android are especially popular, many users use them to improve the quality and appearance of their photos. Let’s discover the best photo editing apps for Android without further delay.

What you should consider when choosing your Android photo editing app

Thanks to technological advancements, smartphones offer apps that allow any user to modify their photos to make great shots. In the world of mobile operating systems, Android is one of the most popular in terms of users. Therefore, it is possible to find a wide variety of applications for editing and retouching photos on an Android smartphone.

Photo editing apps for Android allow users to enhance their photos or completely change them. They can be used to add filters, special effects, adjust colors or apply more advanced changes. There are various programs that offer a wide range of functionality. The available options vary depending on the program selected and the type of editing you want to perform on your images. When looking for the best photo editing apps for Android, you’ll need to consider a few factors.

The main features to consider are the quality and ease of use of the interface, as well as the variety and richness of the functions they offer. If you want to access some additional features, you will also need to consider the price and the subscription types available. To help you find the best photo editing apps for Android, we’ve picked some of the most popular and successful apps around.

Which apps to choose for editing photos on Android

LightX Photo Editor

It is one of the most popular apps and offers a variety of useful tools for retouching your photos, including filters, special effects, and professional tools like manual contrast adjustment, color correction, and digital noise adjustment. You can also use this app to combine different image formats, add text or create collages.


VSCO Cam is another popular photo editing app on Android that allows users to edit their photos with a wide range of handy tools and filters. It also offers a number of advanced tools that can be used to adjust contrast, brightness, and colors, as well as apply various special effects. VSCO Cam also offers a paid monthly subscription that provides unlimited access to an exclusive collection of special effects and filters.

Autodesk Pixlr

Autodesk Pixlr is another popular app that offers impressive features for editing your photos on your Android smartphone. It provides a full set of professional tools such as automatic or manual color correction, smart cropping or the ability to add customizable text to your images. Autodesk Pixlr also allows users to easily share their images on various social networks through the app itself.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is perhaps one of the best image editing apps on Android. Not only does it offer many professional tools such as smart cropping or auto/manual color correction, it also allows users to easily share their images on various websites such as Facebook or Instagram thanks to its direct integration with these social platforms. Adobe Photoshop Express also offers a paid subscription that allows users to access more powerful options such as the Adobe Creative Cloud mobile app or various additional tools such as sharpen masks or advanced saturation/lightness tools/contrast/tea/color temperature.

In conclusion, there is an impressive range of dedicated photo editing apps for Android smartphones on the market today, offering a full range of professional features that are adaptable for all users, regardless of budget or technical level. Some apps even offer a paid subscription so you can get more premium functionality if what you need isn’t already included for free. So, keeping in mind the type of changes you need, you can easily find the ideal application that will perfectly meet your requirements among the ones selected above.

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