Terrible news for Europe: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban calls for the abolition of the European Parliament

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has called for the abolition of the European Parliament in two tweets posted on his official account on December 22, following the QatarGate scandal that has sent waves across the European Union.

Viktor Orban’s Hungary is at war with the European Union and is no longer hiding it, as evidenced by its leader’s words. Thus, Orban, who sharply condemned the sanctions imposed against Russia at the very beginning of the Ukrainian war, recently declared war on the European Parliament, which was shaken by the serious issue of corruption.

Indeed, in a series of tweets published in recent days, the Budapest strongman has not behaved well towards the European Parliament, where its former president, Eva Kaili, has been accused. “The latest scandal in the European Parliament is coming to light. The European Parliament’s anti-corruption measures have failed. “If we want to restore public trust, it’s time to abolish the European Parliament,” he replied.

In a second tweet on the same topic, Viktor Orban offers solutions. He supports the establishment of a new Parliament consisting of national representatives. “It guarantees more insight, more transparency and credibility. Give back the control to the member states,” he advocates.

It should be recalled that the European Parliament was recently rocked by QatarGate, a serious scandal that significantly weakened the image of the European Union. In the process, Brussels police arrested several leading figures, including the former president of the parliament, Eva Kaili, as well as Italian elected officials Pier Antonio Panzari and Luca Vincentini, close to the NGO Fight Against Impunity, suspected of bribing MEPs in favor of Qatar. .

After Von Der Leyen’s name was embroiled in a serious €60,000 scandal, the case is expected to be huge. Indeed, the former European Commissioner, Greek-born Dimitris Avramopoulos, was paid up to €60,000 for doing nothing.

In one year, the Greek politician was satisfied with participating in only two conferences and preparing an article. And worse, when questioned by investigators, he did not hesitate to quote Ursula Von der Leyen as the last person to approve the appointment to the NGO “Fighting Impunity”.

“I had Von Der Leyen’s approval,” he said. And Avramopoulos to clarify his reward in the NGO: “From February 2021 to February 2022, I received a fee of approximately 60,000 euros, duly declared. The monthly payment was €5,000, which is taxable in Greece. My monthly net income at Fight Impunity was €3,750,” he explains.

Another scandal related to this case is that the European Commission gave written permission to Avramopoulos to participate in these events on behalf of an NGO called Fight Impunity, which is not registered in the EU transparency register. In any case, this is the statement made by the Italian press. IlFattoQuotidiano.it.

Talking about 60,000 euros from Avramapoulos, the same source confirms the newspaper’s information. Stamp in these words: “Von der Leyen actually allowed him to receive awards for publishing articles, attending conferences, organizing events, and conducting awareness campaigns such as giving ‘interviews.'” But as noted, his work was limited to two conferences and one article a year, it all cost 60,000 euros.

Reacting to the publication of this kompromat, Avramopoulos condemns the campaign organized against him from Italy. “This is a conspiracy of certain circles (Italians, editor’s note) aimed at damaging the image of my candidacy as the EU’s special representative in the Persian Gulf. Everyone in Brussels knows that I am the favorite for this position,” he defends himself.

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