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As the page of 2022 begins to turn, the coming year will be politically fraught with challenges. Will Emmanuel Macron consider dissolving the National Assembly? Will the uncertain evolution of the war in Ukraine have consequences for France? In the midst of these very hypothetical prospects, the issue of euthanasia may return in full force to ensure the “reformer” image that the Elysée dweller intends to carry.

Occupy the media space

Whether it is the first or second term of Macron’s presidency, the realm of communication seems to dominate. Added to the ill-timed health crisis declarations are the incessant social media messages and petty ambitions of the president’s lieutenants. The past six years have been fraught with events, including the yellow vest crisis, pension reforms, the health care crisis and, finally, the war in Ukraine, which has resulted in energy and economic crises. In this media frenzy, Emmanuel Macron is often careful to place himself in the center, saving the crowd from center-right to center-left. Due to the dire economic situation, the president will not be able to get a place just by making photo reports with his new friend Zelensky. Then the assumption of a retreat from social reform seems very likely.

Satisfy your left hemisphere

Emmanuel Macron unites people with very different backgrounds in his ministerial circle. Profiles range from cardboard corporatist Gerald Darman, who dreams of being Nicolas Sarkozy, to Pap Ndiaye, the Education Minister favored by local and far-left circles. Elizabeth Bourne, the gunner of this army of opportunists, is from the Socialist Party. A conductor who will not struggle to mobilize the dissident old guard of the Socialist Party, is anxious to defend the legalization of euthanasia for several decades. Francois Rebsamen, the mayor of Dijon, is from this masonic left who has brought this issue into focus. The new generation of Macronists, fed by relativism, should have no hesitation, on the contrary. Oppositions will also be in trouble: on the left we can only see the majority doing what Nupes stakeholders have always wanted to do. As for the rights, they will once again be torn between the idea of ​​going against a dangerous and unnatural text and the fear of seeming outdated. Finally, a church that has been repeatedly embroiled in scandals will have little opportunity to influence such a controversy. Unions and a few very rare political figures will have to pull their weight for this fight.

Understand how to fight

In this context of the attack against euthanasia, Liberté Politique publishes a year-end review on the subject, providing tools to understand the various aspects of this public problem through research around the parliamentary work on euthanasia, as well as the many and varied contributions of associations dealing with the issue and the 1995 A thought on the encyclical Evangelium Vitae. These 94 issues of the magazine are available for direct sale (limited edition) and subscription for you and even someone of your choice!

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