BMW could copy Tesla with a completely changed lineup

Future models of BMW electric cars may come in several versions with one or more engines, depending on the range. A strategy that reminds us of the one Tesla adopted with the Model 3 a few years ago.

Like all manufacturers, BMW will have to accelerate electrification. And for good reason, as the European Union will in any case ban the sale of thermal cars from 2035 and force brands to comply. Even if some, like Toyota, don’t believe in electricity entirely. For its part, BMW has not yet announced a date for the transition to the end of internal combustion models, but it is actively working on the development of its electric range.

A new strategy

Today, the brand offers a fairly extensive catalog with the i3, but also the iX1, iX3, iX and even the i7 and i4. Therefore, a wide selection that will expand a little more in the next few years. Indeed, if the catalog currently consists of fairly high-priced models with the i4 starting at €53,550, the firm plans to offer models from more affordable segments in the future.

But that’s not all. Because in addition to offering cheaper models, BMW plans to review its strategy to do so give customers more choice. For this, the Bavarian company should take inspiration from Tesla by offering new alternatives for its electric cars. If the currently sold models are already available in several versions, the brand can go further.

BMW i4 M50
BMW i4 M50

Anyway, this is what a user on the forum suggests. Bimmerpost, specializing in BMW news. He explains in one post that “ early clues suggest so BMW will take a very Tesla-like approach The Neue Klasse is distinguished for its model range, both in terms of range and engines“. According to him, the first car to adopt this new strategy will be the future iX3, scheduled for 2025.

He then explains that it may be available in the latest version, codenamed NA5 Standard Range RWD, Standard Range AWD, as well as Long Range AWD. An all-wheel drive M Performance version will also be considered. However, BMW has not yet confirmed these rumors. Such a strategy would then allow you to target different customers with very different needs and budgets. A bit like Tesla with Propulsion, Long Autonomy and Performance models.

A unique platform

To succeed in implementing this strategy, BMW is counting on the arrival of its new platform, the Neue Klasse. It will debut with the future electric 3 Series, which is planned for 2025, and will then equip all models of the brand ” from high volume segment to exclusive high performance models“. If not all the details have been revealed yet, this new technical base will be full of innovations.

Among them are new batteries supplied by the Chinese giant CATL, which has just started European production in Germany. Offering increased density, they will also benefit from faster charging speeds and better autonomy for capacities ranging from 75 to 150 kWh. Surprisingly, the spokesperson of the brand explained that the big batteries are not really interesting, as well as the 1000 kilometer range.

Indeed, large batteries are heavier and increase consumption. So the solution may come from solid-state batteries, which experts say won’t come for at least a decade. The propeller brand is a firm believer in this technology as it has just strengthened its partnership with Solid Power.

BMW i7
BMW i7

Offering several engine alternatives and different batteries for one model would be a way to satisfy all customers and therefore attract more of them. So the brand is hoping to grab some buyers from Tesla, and especially from the Model Y, which continues to be a hit. The upcoming iX3 is a direct competitor to the latter and should therefore tip the odds.

With a new concept car based on the Neue Klasse platform, we should know a lot more very soon It will be presented at the CES exhibition in Las VegasIt will be held on January 3-8. This could be a model foreshadowing the future electric SUV.

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