“The political reconstruction of the massacre in Paris is no longer a problem for the left”

FIGAROVOX/TRIBUNE – The space left between actions and words leaves room for many contradictions, the lawyer and columnist analyze.

Hide this breast that I don’t see! The extreme left read Tartufferie, forgetting that tartufferie is punished in the end. One of the main sources of irritation inspired by the modern left is the gap between what they say and what they do.

Let’s start with the sad news. As soon as William M. committed a terrible massacre in a place inhabited by Kurds, the French Insoumise, led by Clémentine Autain, blamed the “extreme right” and demanded political consequences. A few hours later, robbers armed with clubs in their right hands and red flags in their left attacked the police in the tenth district of Paris. I remind you that under the OQTF, the killing of little Lola, an Algerian citizen, did not cause any abuse, but the outrage caused by this situation was captured by the Insoumis and the media went on a disgusting recovery.

Another recent example of the discrepancy between the nobility of speech and the baseness of actions concerns the relationship with money. The European left is so tough on corruption that it first called for tough sanctions against Hungary’s right-wing Viktor Orbán government in the European Parliament. Unfortunately, we learned that Greek and Italian deputies, all socialists, were tried in the framework of very serious corruption for the benefit of Qatar, and some of them were arrested. More than one million dollars in cash was seized by the Belgian financial police. By the way, it should be noted that the press actually did not insist on the political color of the defendants. We can assume that it would be different if the alleged corruptor lived across the street.

The left, which traces the slightest word of decadence when anti-Semitism comes from the old Christian world, supports it with a philosophy worthy of the Stoics when it comes from the Islamic part.

Gilles-William Goldnadel

The left is also illustrated by the gap between practice and theory in the field of anti-racism. He put forward the theory of fighting racism and put it into practice thanks to various associations. But as Jean Baudrillard pointed out, the curious title “SOS Racisme” obscured the ill-advised desire to save it by heightening the feelings of victimhood of some and guilt of others. His newer racist generation has outworn the father’s old race-ignoring anti-racism and turned him into an unabashed white-man-hating machine due to inherited racial privilege.

Apart from this insane moral regression, it is both futile and tiresome to watch the left, looking for the slightest misstep in anti-Semitism, which has waned when it comes from old Christendom, back it up with a philosophy worthy of the Stoics. When it comes to the unbridled violence of the Islamic side.

Another area of ​​heightened regression: Yesterday the left wanted to be libertarian. It was forbidden to ban. Today, he wields Anastasia’s scissors, abolishes culture, and hunts statues of Napoleon. His new enemy is called Elon Musk, because he dared to restore the account of Professor Raoult, who, among other things, extolled the benefits of chloroquine. Similarly, while the “left” has long been synonymous with “democracy,” the more or less authoritarian rule that Jean-Luc Melenchon exercises over his party is confusing.

As we began, we will end in Tartuffe’s bosom. Combating violence against women was part of the protected domain of the French Insoumise. Feminism has fallen into her personal domain, almost under appellate control. Disbelief was a virtue and doubt was an absolute duty. The deluded right, which dared to assert the presumption of innocence, immediately saw its own complicity assumed. But Taha Bouhafs and Adrien Quatennens violently brought the party back to reality. Even censors can fail.

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