Ndiaye, Béchu and Darmanin “Is there a minister on the plane?”

What year. In an attempt to give fair value to the quality of political figures, key economic decision-makers and prominent cultural actors, “Marianne” presents the first edition of the Cups of the same name. Twelve categories and votes are up to you to celebrate the best of 2022, from the “eco-responsible but not guilty” award to the “Pontifex de la bien-pensance” award. “Is there a minister on the plane?” we start with the category. »

Gerald Darmanin and the Stade de France fiasco

It’s not my fault! Gerald Darmanin performed well after the events of the Champions League final at the Stade de France on 28 May. As crowds thronged Saint-Denis to watch the Liverpool v Real Madrid match, footage of shootings, reports of robberies and clashes, as well as numerous incidents of stadium break-ins, went viral around the world. All are sprinkled with the sometimes unjust gassing of supporters by the police.

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one my fault Beauvau tenant for organizational failure? It’s not worth it. Darmanin prefers to blame the supposed presence of British hooligans: “ The evil at the root of the situation on Saturday evening: mass and industrial fraud. 30-40 thousand English supporters came to the stadium without tickets or with fake tickets. 70% of the tickets submitted for the preliminary review were fake “, he said at a press conference two days after the meeting.

Statements refuted by a Senate report in mid-July that pointed to the unfairness of ” Attempting to blame Liverpool supporters for the riots, as the Home Secretary did to divert attention the inability of the state to adequately control the existing mob and to curb the movement of several hundred violent and coordinated criminals Darmanin, forced by the evidence, apologized on RTL shortly before the publication of the report. A month after the events of Saint-Denis.

Christophe Bechu and the summer megafires

For unequal subscribers, Christophe Bechu? While France was on fire this summer, with 20,000 hectares of forest destroyed in the Gironde and his own department, Men-et-Loire, engulfed in flames, the Minister of Ecological Transition remained incredibly silent. Even as Darmanin and Macron went there.

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On July 21, on RTL, he explained his silence with his ministry “ designed to prevent fires, not extinguish them “: ” I have absolutely no pretensions to think that it is capable of either educating or changing policy. “Go on, there’s nothing to do!

Pap Ndiaye and religious clothing at school

Pap Ndiaye is slow to start. The Minister of National Education, who came to the Rue de Grenelle in May, will wait until November to issue a circular worthy of the name for the heads of institutions. They are dismayed by the increasing attacks on secularism and the wearing of traditional clothing such as the qamis (a long tunic for men that reaches above the ankles) or the abaya (a long veil) especially in children’s playgrounds.

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However, the Ministry of National Education has figures from the Central Territorial Intelligence Service as of June 14, which reported 144 violations of the 2004 law on secularism in schools in the second quarter of 2022, compared to 97 in the first three months of the year. .

But Pap Ndiaye still believed that “ information is needed before action In Islamic dress. He was questioned on September 4 Midi Dispatcherhe reaffirmed – while condemning them – that he would be careful not to generalize these events » expansion of religious clothing in school. Finally, on September 16, the Paris teacher went radio silent when she was threatened by the brother of a first-grader at Simone-Vail high school (III) who refused to remove her headscarf on the way to school. “We cannot say that Pap Ndiaye did nothing as a former ministerial adviser. But all this happens too late, we clear up the misunderstanding. He should have done it in the summer.”gave his comment Marianne In October, a former ministerial adviser.

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